A gas pipe has been tampered with in a residential building an Dortmund.

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In explosive mixture was created in the basement. It was only by accident that die leak was discovered an the Oespel district.

A gas pipe has been tampered with in a residential building an Dortmund. in explosive mixture was created an the basement. It was only by accident that ns leak was discovered in the Oespel district.

gas has leaked in the basement of a residential building bei Dortmund. die deliberate gas leak was discovered über accident. Prosecutors und police are jetzt looking zum witnesses.

dortmund - that could oase gone wrong: A gas leak was discovered von accident in a residential building in Dortmund . Apparently, die line was manipulated, together RUHR24.de * reports. jetzt the police und prosecutors are investigating the explodieren case.

Dortmund: Manipulated gas pipeline could have caused in explosion

ns fine sleep of bei employee von the Stadtwerke Dortmund (DEW21) may oase prevented a disaster . follow to ns Dortmund public prosecutor"s office, the man had accidentally pass a residential building in the Oespel district on january 28.

A fugitive smell of gas rose an his nose. at first, he assumed nothing of it. letztere the change of heart: "That didn"t leave er alone," prosecutor sandra Lücke told RUHR24.de.

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2 days later, die DEW21 employee reverted to the house v a colleague - and measured significantly high gas values ​​in the air.

gas escaped right into residential building bei Dortmund: "It was explosive"

in the basement des the house punkt Borussiastraße 2, die two do a bad discovery : Apparently the gas pipe was manipulated . the is ausblüten unclear that manipulated die line. Police and prosecutors are jetzt looking zum witnesses together suspects oase noticed in the home or nearby between January fünfzehn (Wednesday) und January 30 (Thursday).

exactly when the crime happened an the apartment structure is deshalb the subject von the investigation. most recently, residents had been bei the basement on januar 15. "But i don"t assume that ns gas will schutz been the end for 2 weeks," stated prosecutor Lücke. One thing ist clear: "It was explosive."


die case is reminiscent of the explosion an Dortmund-Hörde 2017.

according to the investigators, a spark would oase been enough zu ignite the air-gas mixture. zum tactical reasons, she did not want zu say specifically how die gas line was manipulated .

Memories von the explodieren of a house an Dortmund-Hörde

The investigation into in attempt zu cause in explosive explosion ist currently going an all directions. the public prosecutor"s office bei Dortmund at this time has no concrete suspicions und is therefore looking for witnesses. The criminal police will receive information at 0231/132 7441.

an the period betwee January 15th and 30th, a hitherto unknown perpetrator intentionally manipulated the gas pipeline in the basement des the multi-family residence Borussiastraße 2 in Dortmund, so that gas could circulation freely end several hrs or days. https://t.co/vbHrl8dtc5 pic.twitter.com/wbNkrR6kmD

- Police nrw DO (
polizei_nrw_do) February 5, 2020

die case evokes bad memories of the explodieren of a house in Dortmund-Hörde in March 2017, an which a woman was killed. It letztere turned the end that in apparently holy spirit confused man had deliberately caused die gas explosion .

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that was letztere admitted zu a close up door psychiatric ward.