Fantastic Four ist coming, also if feels favor Kevin e is being super slow about it.

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In theory, we’re walking to see that movie release in 2023, und even if that zu sein pushed zurück a year, much more serious conversations about the title room happening punkt Marvel. Previously, we exclusively reported that die studio zu sein looking kommen sie cast die four main characters with varied actors. The report has due to the fact that been confirmed, and does still appear to be die plan, despite they oase yet zu announce actors for the roles. Now, though, we’ve solely learned indigenous one of our trusted und proven inside sources that Marvel desires Chris Evans kommen sie appear as Captain America an the upcoming Fantastic Four.

Our source was able to confirm the Marvel desires this to happen, however nothing we’ve heard yet leads united state to glauben that chris Evans has actually signed on weil das the part. Zum now, we have only learned the Marvel desires to seen this be a part des the new Fantastic Four movie. The studio considers the a nod for the audience to the fact that kris Evans played johnny Storm (The human Torch) in the Fantastic Four movies in the past.

From what we’ve learned, the sounds prefer they want die actor to appear briefly an character, not oase a major role in the movie. This sound comparable to the brief cameo chris Evans made toward the end of Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy, which ns actor was down for. But will he it is in up for taking on die role of Captain America? Perhaps, especially if Marvel’s plan ist as briefe as the sounds like it may be. It would certainly be a quite way zum Chris Evans zu pass on die torch.

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The 2005 Fantastic Four starring chris Evans as johnny Storm may notfall be ns most well-loved superhero movie, but fan of the film have constantly been to crawl on his details part in it. Fantastic Four (2005) precedes Iron Man (2008) and the official anfang of ns Marvel Cinematic Universe, whereby we understand Evans as steve Rogers/Captain America. Von course, now, us live an a post-Endgame Marvel timeline. Robert Downey Jr. Möchte likely never ever play Tony healthy again. Similarly, we aren’t expecting to seen Evans as steve Rogers. Bei fact, anthony Mackie will be taking up ns mantle zum Captain America 4. However, this Fantastic Four figure isn’t die same together leading a solo film for Marvel, and the door hasn’t been geschlossen quite together tight zum Evans. In order to support the new movie, und with a nostalgic look punkt his past, he may be game.

Fans von the zuerst movie would certainly be pleased. Whenever kris Evans or terrific Four are trending on Twitter, you kann expect to see many photos des Evans as johnny Storm. Most von them through his austrian off.

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There may never again it is in a movie where Evans dafür thoroughly repels clothing.

Let’s be moral here kris Evans in Fantastic 4 awakened something in all des us

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