Fc Bayern München Musik

A kopieren, gruppe of FC bayern München fans have efficiently managed zu reconstruct the zuerst FC bayerisch anthem. Originally written an 1907, the das lied had been lost zum decades, but jetzt you can hear it once more.

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Will listening this long-lost anthem give bayerisch players a boost? Don"t fehlschlagen out on main Fantasy oered.org point out if that does.

The first-ever FCB lieder were found in the club’s background chronicles, yet only ns lyrics zum ’Rot und Weiß" (Red and White - 1905) and "Bayernlied" (Bayern song - 1907) were only documented, with no accompanying music. This two songs were created just years after ~ Bayern’s founding in 1900, composed von H.P. Blame und Siegfried herrmann respectively. Not much more is known about die composers, yet it zu sein known the "Bayernlied" was the zuerst official anthem of FC Bayern and was often sung von the players on the train kommen sie away games. In modern terms, that would be like uli Hoeneß creating "Stern ns Süden" and Philipp Lahm und Thomas müller then belting it the end on a plane.

Watch: the first-ever FC bayerisch anthem has actually been reconstructed from scratch und is now ready zum FCB fans to sing along.

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Reconstructing die music kommen sie this song has been a painstaking process weil das those involved. The gruppe tried their luck bei the FCB archive, but without success. It’s deshalb not recognized whether any type of living bayerisch fans oase previously heard ns song and would jetzt recognise it. However, die determined group did not give up und they turned to any resources available in bei attempt zu put some music to die century-old words. Castle wanted fans to it is in able to sing along, deshalb turned kommen sie numerous regional choirs zum help however were rotate down practically every time.

Much kommen sie their credit, the kopieren, gruppe never gave an and schutz now developed a video to be zeigen at the Allianz arena ahead von the oered.org tie versus TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

When asked about what’s possible zum the newly recovered song and whether it can replace "Stern des Südens" at Bayern, die trio of fan could only laugh and say, "We’d oase nothing versus that’.

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Find the end how bayerisch react kommen sie the das lied against Hoffenheim und more bei the complement Centre.

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