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The FIFA world Cup is one des the many awaited und celebrated sporting championships in the world. Die tournament ist watched von millions of fans globally. Countries spend years and billions of dollars zu prepare zum this tournament. Since ns time von its origin, ns game has advanced a lot. Ns changes have not only been in the game, however have deshalb reflected bei the welt Cup logo design designs.

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For any type of tournament, irrespective of the sport, the design of the logo ist important. It helps ns participant countries und even the authorities zu create a unique identity for the tournament. If sie look hinweisen any particular world Cup logo, you can immediately relate with die event und highlights of that details championship. Apart from that, logos so convey the elements of the hosting country.

Let’s take a look at die FIFA world Cup logo design designs (1930 – 2018) and figure out how these logos schutz evolved bei all this years.

FIFA welt Cup logo Designs 1930 – 2018

01. Uruguay (1930)

The zuerst FIFA welt Cup took place in Uruguay from 13th to 30th July bei 1930. Ns governing body made decision Uruguay as the hosting land because die country completed 100 years von its first constitution and deshalb because the national football team des the country won the title at die 1928 Summer Olympics.


Though during die tournament, ns governing body did not oase any official world cup logo, the stunning Art-Deco poster expressed its distinct look and feel. The design has the bild of a goalie that has captured the ball at ns height des the goal frame. He ist dressed an Uruguay’s national colors. Talk about the typography, well, ns type here is more of a decorative side des the Deco.

02. Italy (1934)

The second FIFA world Cup took place an Italy indigenous 27th May zu 10th June. Nur like the zuerst tournament, this time deshalb the administrate body has a poster instead von a logo. The poster featured a soccer player wearing a jersey with bei Italian flag on it. Even ns color of the socks (white und green) matched up with the country’s flag colors.


The flags of other contending countries are put behind him an a scorseses way. If you deshalb want to create in amazing designs zum your sports mannschaft the hire a freelance graphics designer.

03. France (1938)

It was ns third inszeniert of FIFA welt Cup championship, which was held bei France indigenous 4th kommen sie 19th June. Die 1938 poster featured a victorious figure with die world top top his feet. The world only knew a little about ns distressing problem that would sweep through France in the comes years, but in 1938, notions von success und world dominance were limited to die beautiful game. Die colors used bei the design are from ns French flag with little variation an shades.


04. Brazil (1950)

The 1950 FIFA world Cup was held bei Brazil from 24th June zu 16th July. It was the tonnage year wie a poster represented the tournament. Sie must schutz noticed a gap von twelve years in the 4th tournament. Well, weil das your information, die intended 1942 und 1946 tournament gott canceled because des World zu sein II.


Talking about ns design, die 1950 competition poster design featured a leg of a player holding die football. The socks von the player were designed incorporating ns flags of participating countries.

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05. Switzerland (1954)

The tournament took place bei Switzerland native 16th June kommen sie 4th July. It was die year when the world gott to lakers the erste official FIFA welt Cup logo. Switzerland, the hosting nation decided kommen sie promote that own national identity through die FIFA logo design. The white overcome on red, which symbolizes ns Swiss flag was positioned on ns red ball.


A world globus was created on ns background zu communicate that it is a an international tournament. The text around the globus ‘World football Championship’ has been translated bei Italian, French und German language (the most talked languages bei Switzerland). This design is a logo inspiration zum those who room looking for creating something retro or classic.

06. Sweden (1958)

The sixth FIFA world Cup was held in Sweden indigenous 8th zu 29th June. Die logo featured VM which stands weil das Varldsmasterskapet. It means ‘World Championship’ an Swedish.


The bild is considered a logo, but today we fixed think of it together a trademark. This an easy football logo design is wrapped up von the ball und football player.

07. Chile (1962)

Chile hosted ns tournament, und it took place from 30th May kommen sie 17th June. Ns logo is bei the form of hilfreich globe und half ball. The bild of a stadium is drawn bei between die globe and a ball. An the centre von the stadium, die flag of Chile has actually shows how that ns tournament would take place on their grounds.


08. england (1966)

This year competition took place an England from 11th to 30th July. Die FIFA logo was designed in such a way that anyone kann guess who zu sein hosting ns 1966 FIFA welt Cup. Zu create a logo, die designer has used die flag des the country on the background.


In ns middle von the flag, there is a circle inside it, ns globe und football are zeigen as one, one an shape. The bild of a Jules Rimet trophy has been linked seamlessly in the middle. Ns interesting fact is that die same trophy gott introduced an 1974 world Cup tournament.

09. Mexico (1970)

This ninth quadrennial international football competition took place from 31st May to 21st June in Mexico. The was the foremost world Cup that was held exterior Europe and South America. This year welt Cup logo sets ns perfect example von how to use negative space in the sports logos.


The logo design featured a football through irregular pentagonal und hexagonal segments. Die country name und year zu sein placed nur below it. Ns usage of font and the overall design is merely outstanding.

10. Germany (1974)

The 1974 tournament was hosted von West Germany indigenous 13th June to 7th July. It was the erste tournament where die current FIFA world Cup trophy was given. Ns earlier trophy, ns Jules Rimet Trophy was given kommen sie Brazil permanently in 1970 tournament as die country won the championship ns third time.

Talking about the logo, fine 1970 und 1974 was the year when the designers chose to have a an easy FIFA welt Cup logos quite than including ns identity of host nations. And since then, the era von simplicity continued for the next 20 years. 1974 world Cup logo was designed bei a single color- green.

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At first glance, the seems choose there is nothing kommen sie say the Germany is the hosting company. But die answer lies bei the letter ‘WM’ which stands zum Weltmeisterschaft. It means welt Cup in German.

11. Argentina (1978)

This eleventh inszeniert of FIFA welt Cup championship took place bei Argentina bolzen 1st und 25th June. Nur like 1970, this year logo deshalb sets the perfect example von how to use negativ space in the sports mannschaft logos. Ns World Cup logo this time was ns best amongst all the sports logo ideas related zu soccer, especially zum the Argentinian team.

The logo featured a Telstar-style ball. The ball is equipment inside the colors von the host nation which might symbolize cupped hands, goal or World Cup t-shirts. The nennen of the country along with ns year has actually been written just below die image.

12. Spain (1982)

1982 FIFA world Cup championship took place bei Spain betwee 13th June and 11th July. Die country deshalb chose kommen sie promote its own national identity through ns World Cup logo. Die Spanish flag is put notably bei the center von the logo design with die football.

Fun Fact:

Did sie know that this was the zuerst year when 24 groups participated in the championship? the was also the zuerst tournament where more than 2 million spectators came together zu watch the championship. Want to get a customized jersey des your favourite team? v Desingihll’s T österreichisch Maker tool you kann sein design her t-shirts through your favorite designs.

13. Mexico (1986)

Once again, in 1986, Mexico hosted die FIFA welt Cup championship. Die tournament took place from 31st May kommen sie 29th June. The was ns second tournament the featured a 24-team format. Similar to 1970 logo, die logo zum the 1974 FIFA world Cup with designed with a touch von simplicity.

The logo design featured a football, which ist positioned bolzen the 2 parts of the globe, creating the verknüpfung with ns year’s slogan – the World United by Ball. Die country’s flag colors – red, white und green are notably used über the designer.

14. Italy (1990)

The 1990 championship took ar from 8 hours June kommen sie 8th July bei Italy. After ~ 1934, Italy hosted the FIFA welt Cup tournament for the 2nd time. The world notfall only got to see the large change bei the event, but die transformation in the logo design was deshalb remarkable. This time, ns World Cup logo featured a ball that was designed using the 3D effect. Ns country’s flag color – red, black and green have been used zu fill die segments von the ball.

Overall, die designer managed to evoke the feeling des celebration und unity in the logo. If you are also looking for a sports logo that notfall only catches die attention des the audience but deshalb looks an excellent on her custom t-shirts, climate take ns graphic entwurf services from ours platform.

15. usa (1994)

This championship was held in nine urban across ns United says from 17th June zu 17th July. Despite being lacked in soccer zoll during the time, ns tournament was ns most successful (in terms of finance) bei the history von FIFA welt Cup. Just like the other logos, 1994 world Cup logo deshalb clearly depicts where die tournament ist going kommen sie take place.

The bold und graphic logo design featured a blue soccer which is kicked upwards diagonally. Bei the background, the white und red stripes are created in the form of waves kommen sie evoke the feeling of movement und energy weil das the sport.

Overall, die designer succeeded bei creating in image connected to ns sport von using the national identity of the hosted nation.

16. france (1998)

The 1998 tournament took place an France indigenous 10th June zu 12th July. Similar kommen sie Italy und Mexico, the country was chosen as a organize nation for the second time. Die 1998 logo entwurf featured a football that is rising above ns earth. Die colors used in the logo are from the country’s flag. Overall, the entwurf is basic yet creative. We room sure the it looked an excellent on the team jerseys.

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17. Korea/Japan (2002)

The 17th FIFA quadrennial welt tournament take it place punkt locations in Japan und South Korea. It was held from 31st May to 20th June. This time logo was created with die touch des modernity together we gotten in the neu millennium. Quite than a ball and the identity of a hold nation, die World Cup logo was given the shape von a trophy.

To direkt up zu the design quality expectations (for i m sorry Japan und Korea are famous) the logo was built according to die artistic traditions and principles des both ns countries prefer harmony, asymmetry, and dynamism. In 2000, die zeros were given bei infinity shape zu represent die unity between the co-organizers und other affiliated parties. This was thought zu be one von the most strategically designed world Cup logos. Want to entwurf a sports logo design like that? You kann get it on

18. Germany (2006)

This year the tournament take it place an Germany from ninth June to 9th July. It was a UK firm ‘Whitestone’ who developed this cheerful and colourful logo. It zu sein called ‘Celebrating Faces von Football’. The fundamental idea behind making use of smiling faces was zu convey that ns host country ist friendly and want zu celebrate the splitter linterparty with ns whole world.

Out des three smiley’s, two of them are created an the form of ‘0’ und ‘6’ i m sorry represents ns year ‘2006’. Ns 2002 trophy bild (placed below the ‘0’ and ‘6’ smileys) ongoing to the part of this year welt Cup logo design with die color difference. Die colors used an the overall design are from die country’s national identity.

19. southern Africa (2010)

South Africa hosted ns 2010 FIFA welt Cup tournament. Die championship took location from 11th June to 11th July. Gaby de Abreu – ns founder von Switch Design, created the 2010 world Cup logo. Ns logo featured in image von a player who is doing a bicycle absent on a football.

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The colour used in the logo are from ns country’s flag. This time deshalb the 2002 trophy continued to be a part von the logo. As über the designer, die logo was created kommen sie spread out the message von unity, excellence, peace, and progress of Africa as a continent.