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die Canary Islands turn off Spain's Atlantic shore are a favoured tourist destination for Europeans und world tourists alike. Ns cities have their own unique culture, i m sorry mixes Spanish influences with that des the plenty of other cultures who have spent time here. Zum a relaxing getaway in stunning surroundings, publication a oered.org flight kommen sie Santa Cruz dach la Palma. Flights right here are the zuerst step zu a serene holiday.

kelle Palma is one of the seven islands the make up ns Canary islands archipelago. These volcanic islands space known zum their broad variety des unique flora and fauna. Nature lovers can't walk wrong booking a flight zu Santa Cruz juni la pala or other capitals bei the Canary Islands. As one von the smaller islands, a flight zu Santa Cruz dach la pala offers you die peace und quiet you crave while on holiday.


From central European airports, like Frankfurt und Düsseldorf, you can factor on a 4.5-hour flight to Santa Cruz außerdem la Palma. Flights to the Canary islands run much more frequently during die summer months, however a holiday an this archipelago zu sein possible all-year round, thanks zu its pleasant climate. If sie enjoy spending your holiday relaxing in stunning surroundings, climate a flight zu Santa Cruz dach la pala is weil das you!

A flight kommen sie Santa Cruz de la Palma zu sein a an excellent way to start exploring ns Canary Islands. Whether you prefer zu thoroughly take in one island, or hop roughly to seen them all, flying to Santa Cruz de la Palma, makes either of those possible. Native here, you tun können easily reach other Spanish destinations über boat. Ns islands des Tenerife und Lanzarote kann be quickly reached über passenger ferry.

The island of la Palma ist a perfect destination for nature lovers. Die volcanic landscape of the area method that the flora and fauna von the island ist greatly varied. Top locals zum opportunities kommen sie hike und explore the island's diverse climatic zones.

Sports enthusiasts will deshalb feel right weist home on la Palma, together the island offers a varied range des activities. Die trade winds make zum great surfing und paragliding conditions, while die mountains und forests des the island will ensure those that prefer hill biking and hiking schutz no lack of options.

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In the capital city, Santa Cruz de la Palma, you kann learn much about ns different cultural influences that schutz played a role in Palma's history. Here traditional rural style meets v colonial und Spanish influences to form a unique backdrop. A stroll with the city centre ist a good place to get a feel weil das the island.

Stargazers have booked wisely with a trip zu Santa Cruz dach la Palma. The island ist home to a number of international observatories und very frequently boasts a almost cloudless night sky, perfect weil das those looking kommen sie enjoy an evening an a sea of stars.

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Historically, kelle Palma has been well known zum its high-quality wines. The cuisine von the island is influenced von local agriculture, and also various europe colonists. Make sure you visit regional eateries zu try some of the islands plenty of specialties.

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