Formel 1 2015 Monza

Hamilton cruises to Italian gp winItalian grand Prix on the
Venue: Monza Dates: 4-6 September
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Lewis Hamilton cruised to a leading Italian cool Prix victory to put a stranglehold on ns world location - und was cleared von breaking tyre rules.

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Hamilton's seventh success this season puts him 53 clues ahead von team-mate Nico Rosberg as die German retired.

Mercedes were investigated on ns grounds ns tyres were below the minimales permitted pressure.

But ns stewards permitted Hamilton kommen sie keep his victory after ruling mercedes had followed safe operating procedures.

Ferrari's sebastian Vettel was second as Rosberg suffered in engine failure with 3 laps zu go.

Ferrari's fans poured top top to the circuit after the race zu celebrate Vettel's late second position

Williams's Felipe Massa fended turn off a late assault from team-mate Valtteri Bottas to take ns final podium place.

'Don't questioning questions, nur execute'

Hamilton's win, his most crushing of a season he has conquered from the erste race in Australia back in March, came regardless of reliability comes to over in upgraded engine fitted to his car.

Both mercedes drivers started ns weekend with the new-specification unit, which used trost all ns team's 7 remaining breakthrough 'tokens' in one go.


This lower temperature would mean ns tyre shed pressure and would describe why the dipped below the minimum, which zu sein why mercedes were cleared of wrongdoing.

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Vettel v Rosberg for second

Rather than try zu threaten Hamilton, who soon pulled his advantage out kommen sie more 보다 20 seconds, Vettel had to look backwards at die advancing Rosberg.

His other German was only 5 seconds behind once the two had actually completed their pit stops, after Rosberg leapfrogged both Williams cars bei one go with bei early pit stop und stunning zuerst lap out of the pits.

Rosberg was at a disadvantage having actually stopped seven laps earlier than Vettel, however he inched towards ns Ferrari, getting the gap down to 3.7 secs with 12 laps zu go.

With 3 laps kommen sie go, Rosberg was two right behind Vettel yet then the mercedes stopped with flames putting from his engine at die second chicane.

The engine that had been fitted on Saturday had currently done 5 races, und it seems die demands von Monza were too much zum it.

The midfield

Behind the Williams drivers, Raikkonen passed pressure India's Sergio Perez for sixth ar with 3 laps to go, moving up zu fifth after ~ Rosberg's retirement.

It was a great comeback however a disappointing an outcome after together a solid qualifying performance.

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The Mexican's team-mate Nico Hulkenberg won a nearby fight v Sauber's marcus Ericsson, who was passed top top the tonnage lap for eighth von Red Bull's daniel Ricciardo, whose team-mate Daniil Kvyat took ns final point bei 10th, both Red Bulls fighting hoch from the zurück of the grid.

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The Freccie Tricolori flew end Monza ahead von the race
Ferrari's sebastian Vettel perfect second at Monza after Nico Rosberg's engine failure