An aer mix of high and low speed corners provides having the right setup essential.

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Couple that v some very unforgiving kerbs, and the australisch GP is not one to tackle lightly.

Let’s take a look at ns setup freundin should be utilizing if you want to be competitive at Albert Park!


This method we ended up running v 5-4 as the wings, 5 on the front, and 4 on die rear.

This is the sweet spot between retaining a car that ist responsive enough kommen sie tackle the corners and fast enough on the straights.


Albert park has a pretty surface kommen sie race on, an interpretation that traction isn’t the be all and end all.


As such, us recommend to run the minimum setup von 50% zum on- and off-throttle.

This should provide you ns confidence to floor it out des most any kind of corner there is no worrying about that dreaded tire wall.

Suspension Geometry

Due to ns complexity of the circuit, her camber selection ist incredibly important.


Finding die balance betwee pace und tyre wear is the key, und that zu sein achieved über going through -3.10 on the fronts und -1.40 on the rear.

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Toe is the next factor to consider, und we went through 0.11 on the front und 0.38 on ns rear.

This should help you fire the car unique into ns corner whilst so providing die stability necessary to stärke out von the turn.


The high kerbs von Albert park require a softer suspension 보다 normal. We went v 4-2, i beg your pardon should aid keep tyre wear low together well.


For anti-roll bars, 5-5 is the sweet spot, together it enables you zu really put die power bei out von the final edge into the lang home straight.

Despite the minimal loss in top speed, us recommend a figure von 5-6 weil das ride height. When again this takes right into account die high kerbs.


For brake pressure, we’ve gone v 100%, as Albert Park ist a fairly flat circuit.


To assist with this, we’ve gone through a brake bias von 53%, which should help die fronts indigenous locking nach oben around ns track.


The lang straights blended with a number des tighter, more complicated sections renders Albert park a front-tyre minimal circuit.

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For us, prior left psi is set zu 22.2 und the former right zu sein at 22.6 psi. Zum rears, we’ve gone with a value of 21.9 psi.

This setup should leave freundin comfortable enough to handle all the lumps, bumps, straights und bends of Albert park like a champ!

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