Formel 1 Mexiko 2018

Pierwsza grand Prix: 1963 r.

Du schaust: Formel 1 mexiko 2018

Długość obwodu: 4,304 km.Race Distance: 305,354 kmLiczba okrążeń: 71Obroty: 17Rekord okrążenia: 1:18.741Valtteri Bottas (2018)
Opłaty za przesyłkęBilety wysłane ubezpieczone przez UPS Express
w UE€ 15,00
Europa ale noch nie UE€ 21,00
USA i Kanada€ 21,00
wszystkie inne kraje€ 31,00

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Getting AroundGetting Around von Air:

There is an excellent network of daily scheduledflights in Mexicobetween primary commercial centres operated von longstanding airline Aeroméxico ( Many of the smaller sized airports so have capacity for large planes and some international flights.

A plethora von small residential carriers offer low-cost flights to a range von destinations. These encompass VivaAerobus (, Volaris ( and Interjet (

Getting Around über Water:

Baja Ferries (tel: 01 800 377 7437, in Mexico only; operates regular sailings betwee Mazatlán und La Paz (Baja California) und between Topolobampo and La Paz.

Ferry Santa Rosalia (tel: 01 800 505 5018, an Mexico only; operation a ferry across ns Gulf of California indigenous Guaymas zu Santa Rosalía.

Some west coast cruises encompass Pacific ports such as Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. Over there are so regular ferries from die mainland to die Caribbean Islands des Isla Mujeres und Cozumel. Ferry operators, their names, websites und schedules are in a continuous state of flux. Advance bookings space rarely necessary or available.

Rail Passes: obtaining Around über Road:

It is advisable kommen sie keep automobile doors und windows closed und locked, especially punkt traffic lights.

Coaches and buses verknüpfung almost all towns und cities. Central bus terminals in major cities administer service and information top top fares und schedules.

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Major operators encompass ETN (tel: 01 800 800 0386, an Mexico only;, covering ns Pacific coast, western und northern Mexico; ADO (tel: 01 800 369 4652, bei Mexico only;, serving die Gulf coast und Mexican southeast; Primera add to (tel: 01 800 375 7587, an Mexico only;, offer central und northern Mexico; and Estrella Blanca (tel: 01 800 507 5500, in Mexico only;, with service throughout die country.

An international Driving permit or a precious driving licence from your country of residence zu sein required. The minimales driving period is zum car hire is usually 21. Mexican vehicle insurance zu sein compulsory; examine insurance ist included an hire agreements.

Speed boundaries are 30-50kph (19-31mph) in towns and 100-110kph (62-68mph) top top motorways. All passengers space required to wear seatbelts. Auto use in Mexico stadt is restricted deswegen as zu reduce pollution. The tonnage digit des the car number key determines wie that auto cannot be driven.

Rest areas weist toll-booths carry out ambulance and breakdown services. The angeles Verdes (Green Angels) (tel: 078, in Mexico only), run von the tourist ministry, provide breakdown assistance kommen sie tourists between the hours des 0800 und 1800 daily, with free labour and parts punkt cost. If you do need zu call castle out, it have to go without speak that sie should tip generously.

Self-drive cars room available at airports, city centres und resorts. All ns established international agencies operate bei Mexico. Trustworthy internet-only agencies space worth a look weil das cheap deals. Beware des hidden extras, und poor breakdown services, particularly with regional firms.

Speed boundaries are 30-50kph (19-31mph) bei towns and 100-110kph (62-68mph) ~ above motorways. Every passengers space required kommen sie wear seatbelts. Automobile use bei Mexico city is restricted deswegen as kommen sie reduce pollution. The last digit of the vehicle number bowl determines wie man that auto cannot be driven.

Getting about Towns and Cities:

Mexican cities und towns generally oase good public transport networks, with constant bus and taxi dienstleistungen around town und to/from inter-city bus stations. Buses room cheap, with signs affixed to their windshields announcing their destinations. Taxi are easy zu find; normally they charge von distance (it"s best zu agree on the fare beforehand) but an larger cities are metered.

The country"s three biggest cities, Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara, every feature metro systems. Mexico City"s zu sein the most extensive, with frequent, reliable service and a level fare payable über single fahrkarte or preloadable smartcard. An additional component von the capital"s transit network is its widening Metrobus system, through double-length buses stopping punkt enclosed station that space accessible by smartcard.

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Various kinds of taxis ply the streets von Mexico City: cruising straße taxis room metered und cheap, while radio taxis operation from sitios (taxi stands) charge more but are thought about a an ext secure option. In the stadt centre, bicycle taxis offer a non-polluting alternative.