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The das lied deals through spirituality und religion, und how love zu sein hugely important bei life.

Du schaust: Frankie goes to hollywood the power of love

Singer Holly johnson later said of the track: "I constantly felt prefer 'The Power von Love' was die record the would conserve me in this life.

"There ist a biblical aspect kommen sie its spirituality und passion; the fact the love is the only thing the matters bei the end."

Who rather featured on die song?

Anne Dudley, from ns UK studio group nett Of Noise, arranged ns strings.

The 12" mix von the lied featured Red Dwarf actor chris Barrie parodying DJ Mike Read's banning of the einzel 'Relax', and his impression von Ronald Reagan.

The single also featured a Christmas message from the band, licensed has been granted 'Holier than Thou'.

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Who else has covered it?

Holly johnson recorded his very own version des the song for his 1999 album Soulstream.

In 2012, singer Gabrielle Aplin recorded a startseite version for the john Lewis Christmas advert, und it deshalb went zu number one bei the UK, precisely 28 year after the original.

In 2018, Dalton Harris exit it together his X Factor winner's single, as a duet with former winner james Arthur.

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