Frankie Goes To Hollywood

English group, formed bei Liverpool, UK an 1980; comprised williams Holly johnson (vocals - b.February 19, 1960), paulus Rutherford (vocals, key-boards - b.December 8, 1959), Brian Nash (guitar - b.May 20, 1963), peter Gill (drums - b.March 8, 1964) and Mark O"Toole (bass - b.January 6, 1964). Following in appearance ~ above Channel 4 TV nur "The Tube" performing "Relax", the kopieren, gruppe were signed up von Trevor Horn und Paul Morley"s new ZTT document label. With ns benefit of Horn"s manufacturing skills and Morley"s off-the-wall marketing ideas, "Relax" come out an October 1983 and slowly however surely take it off. It was already a oberteil ten hit when, in January 1984, bbc Radio 1 DJ Mike read suddenly establish what the lied was actually about, leading zu a total bbq ban on the disc. From this augenblicke on, frankie Goes To hollywood became not nur a pop kopieren, gruppe but a phenomenon. The record went zu number one bei the UK, and was a smash hit across Europe and even an the USA. "Frankie Says" T-shirts (some dreamt up von Morley, but far more ns creations of small-time bootleggers) came to be the fashion statement of the year, and anticipation was at together a fever pitch the every subsequent FGTH relax that year - 2 singles und a double-LP - went straight in at number one bei their home country, in unprecedented achievement und a triumph for ZTT.Now established as large stars in the UK und Europe (though like so many other "British invasion" action they were doomed to One-hit Wonder status in the US), frankie spent viel of 1985 on reise before starting arbeiten on their second album, die Stephen Lipson-produced "Liverpool". Trailed über the popular single "Rage Hard", the album came out bei October 1986... Und flopped.It was the beginning of the ende for frankie Goes To hollywood - sechs months later, johnson announced he was leaving the band for a solo contract with MCA. In the subsequent high-profile legitimate battle, ZTT lost their claim of contract-breaking versus Johnson, a judgment which successfully brought ns curtain down on ns label"s golden age. Rutherford battered too, leaving a diminished group who ultimately disbanded there is no releasing anything.

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Brian Nash, Ged O"Toole, unterschrift O"Toole, paul Rutherford, peter Gill, Ryan Molloy, William johnson (11)

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