Friends reunion release date

After month (or, at this point, years) von rumors and anticipation, the Friends reunion des our dreams zu sein now a reality. Die cast has gathered weil das a special on HBO"s streaming service, HBO Max, following die iconic sitcom"s 25th anniversary. And while over there were some bumps an the road to production with the world on halt due to ns pandemic, the event we"ve been waiting zum is lastly here. Ahead, whatever we recognize about the project.

It arrives may 27.

It"s official! the Friends reunion, dubbed "The One whereby They Get back Together," zu sein now streaming top top HBO max as of Thursday, might 27. Viewers wollen need a subscription to the platform zu watch.

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Friends: die Reunion
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The trailer shows die cast getting zurück together on ns original Friends studio, experimentation their trivia knowledge des the show, revisiting crucial sets, re-reading their lines, und joining james Corden zum a share sit-down interview in front of a direkt audience.

In die more open minded moments of the interview, we acquire to seen how close the stars" real-life friendships yes, really are. "I love you guys deshalb much," one von the actors says an the middle von a kopieren, gruppe hug.

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All the stars are coming back.

Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courteney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), matter LeBlanc (Joey), Matthew Perry (Chandler), und David Schwimmer (Ross) wollen reunite at die original Friends soundstage—Stage 24, at die Warner Bros. Studio bei Burbank—to film. All sechs stars will so executive produce.

The late Late Show writer Ben Winston wollen direct. He"s so an executive producer, in addition to Friends EPs kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman, und David Crane; und Emma Conway and James Longman.

When the reunion nachrichten was announced, the leads all shared the same photo und caption top top Instagram—"It"s happening"—and tagged every other. (Good point Aniston and Perry are jetzt on the app.) the image, shot von Mark Seliger, is from the May 18, 1995 issue von Rolling Stone.

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It was an "emotional experience" zum everybody.

Speaking zu Good Morning America with die full actors ahead des the reunion"s release, Cox said, "I don"t think ... Any von us had any kind of idea how bewegt we would be when we to walk onto ns set." the studio looked "exactly the same," she explained, "and it was so bewegt that we just started crying."

Perry agreed. "Reuniting this actors again—I knew it was gonna it is in a really seriously emotional experience. And it has actually been," that said.

Cox und Aniston so revealed the they"ve to be watching reruns of the show just to catch up, and even that was a tear-jerking experience. "Laughed und cried," Cox said des their recent viewing, note iconic moments prefer Ross and Rachel"s zuerst kiss. "That was dafür powerful."

"Yeah, she was in tears," Aniston confirmed.

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The reunion special zu sein NOT a new Friends episode.

The main cast will reunite, revisit ns set, schutz surprises, und share behind-the-scenes footage, however they won"t be portraying their initial characters. They"ll just be showing up as themselves.

HBO max explained in a statement, "Lastly, an order to avoid any type of misunderstanding about what this distinct is, we want kommen sie make it very clear that this is not a new, original episode des the series. The cast wollen be showing up as themselves, notfall as their beloved characters."


The Friends cast on set during ns reunion.
Terence PatrickHBO

Production was previously delayed.

Filming officially completed on april 10, 2021, Friends announced on Instagram, yet production was meant to anfang much earlier.

The project was initially slated to film on march 23 und 24, 2020 an Burbank, but was "delayed until hinweisen least May," according kommen sie The hollywood Reporter at die time.

Then, WarnerMedia Entertainment und Direct-to-Consumer chairman schuss Greenblatt explained the desire to oase the cast reunite in-person, rather than virtually. "We carry out think there’s a value to having a big, raucous direkt audience zu experience these six great friend coming rückseitig together,” he said.

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There were wishes that production would begin in the summer von 2020, yet it was "pushed zurück indefinitely" early to the pandemic, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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During a phone interview with Deadline, Jennifer Aniston reacted to die postponement and said, "It’s going kommen sie be super. Freundin know what? This has also given us an ext time zu make it even more exciting and more fun than the would have been. Dafür I choose to see it as die glass ist half-full the it got postponed. Look, we’re notfall going anywhere. You’re never going zu get rid von Friends, sorry. You’re stuck to us weil das life guys."

"Unfortunately it’s an extremely sad that us had zu move the again," Aniston continued. "It was, ‘How carry out we perform this with direkt audiences?’ This ist not a safe time. Period. That’s ns bottom line. It’s not a safe time kommen sie do it."

David Schwimmer had actually previously express his hope that ns reunion would certainly take place an 2020, together he told Entertainment Weekly, "We"re hope it wollen be able to convene und shoot it bei August, but ns truth is, we"ll perform it wie man we all identify it"s safe zu do so." that continued, "There"s no concern we want kommen sie do it and it"s going zu happen. It"s nur really a question of when wollen be ns safest time kommen sie do it."

A mini reunion went down at the 2020 Emmys.

Although none von the male actors members make appearances, ns ladies von Friends, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, und Lisa Kudrow, all showed up together on-screen during tonnage night"s Emmys. While Aniston was speaking to host Jimmy Kimmel, herstellung "roommates" Cox and Kudrow joined her. "We"ve to be living together because 1994," Aniston quipped.

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— unterhalten Tonight (
etnow) september 21, 2020

Though it wasn"t ns full-fledged reunion fans have been waiting for, it was a joyous surprise—and the least we deserve in 2020, TBQH.

Lisa Kudrow has actually been ready for the reunion.

During a might 2020 interview with The Sunday Times, Lisa Kudrow expressed her excitement about getting the gang rückseitig together again. She revealed, "No audience has seen us together because the nur was over. We möchte reminisce, talk around what was going ~ above behind the scenes. It’s not us playing our characters. It’s not bei episode. It’s notfall scripted. It’s six des us comes together zum the first time in I don’t know how long."

Kudrow deshalb said the she loves gaining together with herstellung former actors mates as they all oase such good memories. She said, "I think that ich remember things, but then i talk to matter or Jennifer , and they mental everything. It’s really fun."

The cast wollen reportedly make millions.

Sources told The hollywood Reporter that the stars negotiated their fees together und will it is in paid between $2.5 million and $3 million each for the reunion special. That"s viel more than die $1 million-per-episode rates they had when Friends was blieb running.

Fans kann sein participate bei watch partys through Scener.

Starting may 27 weist 12:01 a.m. PDT, viewers kann watch ns Friends reunion with their real-life friends v a digital watch party on Scener. Users wollen need kommen sie create a profile weist Scener und have an HBO maximal subscription to watch.

You tun können watch Friends episodes on HBO Max in the meantime.

Friends is off Netflix, but ns series—all 236 episodes des it—has uncovered a neu online home punkt HBO Max. Watch jetzt

Watch this space weil das updates.

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