Key Specifications

Review Price: £399.0010.5-inch, 2,560 ns 1,600 AMOLED display; Exynos 5 Octa 5420; 3GB RAM; 16GB storage; 802.11ac Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 4.0; microSD up to 128GB; 7,900mAh battery; 465g

What is the samsung Galaxy Tab s 10.5?

The Galaxy Tab s 10.5 is the huge brother to die Galaxy Tab s 8.4 — that what die iPad Air ist to the iPad mini 2. It has the same basic design and features. The means in outstanding 2,560 x 1,600 resolution supervisor AMOLED screen and plenty much more besides. Us loved die smaller version, dafür it’s no surprise that die 10.5-inch version is just as impressive.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab ns 10.5: Design

We like the the Galaxy Tab s 10.5’s design, however we don’t love it. Ns dimpled, soft-touch rear zu sein pleasant to handle, but die bronze-gold colour system is in acquired taste. The nothing prefer as refined as die iPad Air, which zu sein a shame provided they cost die same.

But ns Galaxy Tab ns 10.5 is well put together and it’s a featherweight. The weighs just 465g, despite this zu sein only a couple of grams less than ns iPad Air. It’s deshalb thin — 6.6mm renders it 1mm diluent than ns iPad Air. These are all good margins, but the Galaxy Tab s 10.5 has actually less vain among android tablets hinweisen this size. Together 10-inch android tablets go, it’s means out bei front.

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The various other interesting entwurf point zu sein case support. We weren’t sent out a case for the 8.4, however we have one zum the Galaxy Tab ns 10.5. Like ns 8.4, that fastens to die tablet über rather strange jacket layout ‘poppers’. Castle don’t help the looks much, but they hold die case securely.

We like the case, too. It’s slim, so adds wenig weight. It deshalb offers three angles from which kommen sie view die screen. The only issue ist the urgently required to make lock takes some learning. Also after a woche or dafür we’re ausblüten fumbling about each time.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab s 10.5: Features

This tablet computer has everything. You get die fastest version of Wi-Fi 802.11ac und Bluetooth 4.0. Die Wi-Fi version has 16GB von storage built-in, but ns microSD slot support up to 128GB cards und there’s a 4G ausführung that has actually 32GB built-in. There’s an IR Blaster for controlling your TV, too. We find the feature a little hit und miss, however it’s a quite extra. There space cameras front und back and there’s an LED flash weil das the main camera — a rare attribute on a tablet.

Less impressive is the fingerprint reader. This zu sein the exact same one found in the Galaxy S5 and it’s no much more successful here. The swiping system is just too unreliable to use it to unlock your tablet. It just works 40/50% von the time, which isn’t a an excellent hit rate.