die dungeons und castles situated on ns continent von Westeros schutz kept the families recognized from the tv-show "Game of Thrones" safe und sound zum centuries. What if numerous properties from the show were all of sudden listed for sale? christopov Freiherr Schenck kommen sie Schweinsberg, leading fachmann on castles for the real estate agency engel & Völkers, checked out some von the unreal estate objects.

Here ist his evaluation:

Seller Jon eye

preis $2.74 million

Living und Floor room 5,000 sqm

period 8,000 years

Castle schwarze farbe is in estate through lots des character. Exactly ns right place weil das individualists that enjoy the healthy, stimulating north climate. Interesting neighbors to ns north space a constant source of diversion.

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The fortress was built about 8,000 year ago and is one des the oldest buildings bei Westeros. Towards the south die compound provides a spectacular view of the landscape. Towards ns north ns property is enclosed über a 483 kilometer long and 213 meter high wall des stone and ice.

The estate is protected by about 100 highly motivated security guards.

Location: nur a few kilometers north of Mole"s Town, at the end of the Kingsroad fantastic connections to die Shadow Tower (Bay des Ice) und Eastwatch-by-the-Sea (Bay von Seals)
Furnishings: several commual bedrooms, approximately 300 sqm library armory memorial chamber stables extr utility rooms
Extras: several simple, yet romantically furnished rooms solid wood furniture an a huge common room through a fire location exquisitely furnished tower chamber for the landlord
the property’s remote place accounts weil das its particular appeal. The auxiliary buildings can be used in a number des different ways. With a small amount of renovation the entire compound tun können be modernized to meet current technical standards. Live-in expert security personnel increases the value of the property. Approximated price: 2.5 million euros ($2.74 million)

Seller Stannis Baratheon

price $10.72 million

Living und Floor an are 3,500 sqm

age 500 year

Waterfront living – a dream kommen sie true.

This small castle zu sein perched ~ above a cliff overlooking Blackwater Bay special a an extremely unique view. Ns building zu sein more 보다 500 year old. It was decorated by Valyrian stonecutters v thousands des intricate abwesend figures. Dragonstone’s future owner möchte truly enjoy the many cerberuses und dragons.

The castle’s isolated island location surrounded von the rumbling sea and its strong fortifications offer a unique feeling von security. Ns castle attributes a sept – a 7 sided chapel - zum contemplative moments.

Location: on the eponymous island of volcanic origin located bei Blackwater just (Crownlands) if die weather ist good, King"s Landing tun können be got to within a few days
Furnishings: fireplace heater intricate woodcarvings an the inner richly decorated und well-fortified towers on die sea side big hall energy rooms armory
Extras: die Chamber of the Painted Table located in the lock keep, deshalb known together the stone Drum 20 m long and 1.5 zu 8 ns wide painted table carved in the shape des Westeros und engraved with its significant cities and landmarks
2 aspects add value to this property: ns unique und consistent waterfront location on a volcano island, and also its breakable embellishment through cerberuses und dragons that essentially turn die estate right into a work of art. Approximated price: 9.5 million euros ($10.72 million)

Seller Masha Heddle

preis $1.65 million

Living und Floor an are 700 sqm

age 200 year

A distinctive opportunity weil das investors. Die inn functions plenty des walk-in customers and a gregarious flair. Inn at the Crossroads – the benennen says the all.

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The architecture of the alt timbered house is typical for the Riverlands. The pub ist located on die ground floor. It has actually a fireplace and a quite eventful past.

Architecturally speaking the inn beginning its specific charm native its white stoned jutties and chimneys. The southern wing von the house zu sein built atop a pile structure, elongating die inn end a pond.

Location: ns Riverlands, straight on two of the best roads bei Westeros the Kingsroad connects lock Black in the north with King’s Landing. The fluss Road is in important East-West connection between Casterly Rock und the Vale of Arryn close to the fluss Trident and Ruby Ford i m sorry attract extr guests
Furnishings: large pub, approximately 120 sqm, needs renovation two upper floors with 21 guest rooms, all decorated an rustic nation house format pistole floor an are approximately 550 sqm
Extras: weil das all travelers showing up on horseback there zu sein a thatch spanned stable on ns northern end of ns property. Nearby to the stable zu sein a small bell tower featuring a warm attic room with an unobstructed view von the inn’s forecourt.
A cook institution known all over die continent in a element location – a rare opportunity. Ns property is an very an excellent condition. Anyone decides to invest here, cannot go wrong. Estimated price: 1.5 million euros ($1.65 million)

Seller home Bolton*

price 1.200.000 €

Living und Floor an are 7,500 sqm

age 8,000 years

“Always something zu do” can be die motto for this enormous estate in northern Westeros. Zum thousands des years it has provided a home and protection zum House Stark. The castle ist surrounded by several acres des land and is fitted with many courtyards with room weil das opulent festivities or sports activities. Ns highlight of the estate zu sein a small godswood within die castle walls.

Recently, a fire destroyed die castle’s wood superstructures under quite hapless circumstances. However, die core abwesend structures oase been preserved, follow me with the godswood. V some effort the property kann be returned to its initial state.

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*The connection to the previous owners, home Stark, und their right des ownership schutz not been totally resolved.

Location: central north, on die Kingsroad Furnishings: several towers und auxiliary buildings, at this time inhabitable a huge keep a large hauptsächlich hall, 300 sqm fastened godswood
Extras: running warm water from a warm spring situated under the castle heated floors twin granite walls und moat fencing the property
Winterfell zu sein unquestionably one von the most impressive edifices des the north. One outstanding attribute certainly ist the warm water heating, which in the winter months allows zum considerable savings an wood consumption. Yet, ns castle’s current poor condition leads zu a clear depreciation von its value. Estimated price: 1.2 million euros ($1.35 million)

Seller: House Lannister