Google Maps is one of the more popular GPS Navigation tools on the market today. You can easily find points of interest, restaurants, and maps routes tailored to your needs in just a few clicks. But what if you want to bản đồ out a location that isn’t already pinned? You will need to get the GPS coordinates for that location khổng lồ stay on track.

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A red sạc will appear on the tapped spot tap on the red pin.Swipe up from the bottom of Google Maps to reveal the Longitude và Latitude of the location you’ve selected.
You can also quickly giới thiệu the location by swiping khổng lồ the right in the menu at the top. Tap on Share.Navigate lớn the place you want lớn find the coordinates for. You can scroll và zoom with your fingers.A red pin sạc will appear on the spot.
You can press the search bar to lớn copy these coordinates lớn your clipboard.Type in “” in the URL bar.Right-click on the spot you need. In the menu, select What’s here?

Google Maps makes it really easy to get the GPS coordinates anywhere in the world.

Can I also get Latitude & Longitude from Google Maps?

Pins represent all locations on Google Maps. These pins can be the ones you made by pressing on the bản đồ or searching for a place. There are also pre-existing pins such as landmarks, recommended restaurants, or nearby hotels. When you select a pin on the map, the latitude and longitude information is listed on the menu.

The data is shown in the full degree, minute, second (DMS) form, with the shortened decimal degree size below it. You can then send this information lớn someone else lớn provide them with the correct directions.

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How accurate are the GPS coordinates received from Google Maps?

Google receives images from several sources & puts them together to khung Google Maps. According lớn Google itself, they claim to lớn have an accuracy of at least 15 meters. Considering 15 meters can be a lot, some scientific research has been done khổng lồ verify & adjust those claims. They concluded that the offset could range between 1.5 meters and nine meters, depending on the area surveyed.

Generally speaking, you can count that any given point might be several meters off. Cities will have more images available, and Google will more frequently update their maps of urban centers than in the countryside. However, high buildings and signal interference can cause GPS locations to lớn sway more in denser areas. Google Maps will be accurate enough khổng lồ allow people lớn meet up or provide directions for everyday use. If you need a precise location of your house, for example, khổng lồ settle a border dispute with your neighbor, you’ll need to contact your local surveyor instead.

What is a Plus Code in Google Maps?

A plus code serves the same purpose as Latitude & Longitude. It can help others pinpoint an exact location (like the entrance to lớn a building). You may notice that some locations in Google Maps only show the plus code và not the GPS coordinates.

This code can be shared with another person lớn help them find an exact location.

Location, Location, Location

You can use Google Maps in so many situations, lượt thích getting khổng lồ your dinner date on time.The GPS coordinates will make sure that you don’t get lost. However, Google doesn’t offer 100% accuracy, as that’s impossible khổng lồ do. But for daily use,Google Maps is an incredibly useful tool.

What vì you use Google Maps for? vì you have a mix of favorite GPS coordinates? Let us knowin the comments section below.