Gmail is an extremely widely used email platform and as such has a ton of malicious actors out there. People are constantly trying lớn find exploits, to thủ thuật the system, to lớn gain access to email data for millions of people.

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Google, lớn their credit, does a lot of work both up-front & behind the scenes to lớn make it a safer platform to use. Everything in their spam filters, their attachment scanning, and their email warnings is part of their user protection system. They’ve even turned their machine learning systems towards the problem, khổng lồ intelligently identify almost unnoticeable signs that an email may be fake.

No system will ever be perfect & nothing can protect a user from themselves, but what Google can do is protect users from as many incidental threats as possible.

One such means of protection is the “less secure apps” setting in Gmail. So what is this setting, và is it safe to allow?

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All About Less Secure Apps
Digging Deeper
Should You Enable Access by Less Secure Apps?
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All About Less Secure Apps

First of all, where vày you find this setting, if you want lớn enable or disable it? It’s not difficult to lớn find.

Log into your gmail account.Click on your profile image in the upper right corner.Click on “Google Account”In the left sidebar, click Security.Scroll down lớn the Less Secure app Access box.

Here you can turn on or off access for less secure apps.

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So what does this setting do? Well, as it says on the tin, it either allows or disallows apps Google deems “less secure”. If it’s enabled, those apps can access your Google/Gmail account. If it’s disabled, which Google recommends & which is usually the default, those apps will not be able to access your account.


If it is critical khổng lồ your business infrastructure & workflow, then fine, enable access from less secure apps. However, it is strongly recommended that you either switch to a more secure version as soon as possible, or that you get a developer khổng lồ upgrade your in-house phầm mềm to make it more secure so you can use it without having to lớn tweak this setting.

By the way, if you’re an IT specialist for your company or if you’re the head of information security, you may want more overall control over your enterprise G Suite security. You can get domain-level access và monitoring through G Suite with the tools they provide. I haven’t dug deep into it – I don’t manage a corporate office information security division – but you can read about it here. In addition to having selective or overall control over who can allow access, you can also use tài khoản activity reporting lớn monitor who has less secure access enabled, and what they’ve been doing with it.

Since less secure access can be a security liability, it’s a good idea to lớn keep an eye on who is using it & for what purpose, so you can make sure they aren’t installing apps they shouldn’t.

So, there you have it. In general, I recommend staying away from less secure apps as much as possible, limiting permission to your information, and keeping yourself safe. Once the cat is out of the bag, there’s no putting it back.