Google Authenticator Backup Codes Verloren

I can find my google Account back-up codes at:

But oase no idea if those are die ones ich should use to restore google Authenticator und recover all attached accounts bei case ich lose my phone.

Du schaust: Google authenticator backup codes verloren

Thank you

P.S. Feel free to suggest other service with better/enhanced und easier (but certain nonetheless) backup procedure.


You need back-up codes to "an account" notfall to Authenticator itself.

Authenticator has actually one entry for each 2FA-enabled account von yourself - there is no needing bei account weil das its own use. Deshalb the concept von backup codes weil das GA doesn"t apply.

If weil das example, sie have bei account (say GMail) that you"ve protected with GA-based 2FA, then freundin could generate back-up codes zum GMail, native GMail Account administration / protection menus. Since the backup codes need to be recognized über GMail, they space generated an GMail - not GA.

Same logic applies zum any various other account that freundin need backup codes for.

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Edit: to backup all the accounts you have on GA, freundin need kommen sie backup the "App-specific secret" (usually a lang hex string; or a QR code that has die string) zum each account/app. AFAIK, GA doesn"t use online storage to backup your GA-enabled accounts.

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I agree with you that ns "philosophy" behind google Authenticator"s "only one device" zu sein profoundly broken, because an as much as it tries to avoid "copying" die keys, the exposes sie to die risk des a damaged device. Digital devices can fail. Sie need a backup. Happily, google Authenticator"s keys kann sein be extracted:

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SO i found out lots von people shed their GA id, can"t open their accounts ich found out ns easy way kommen sie crack the down.

First you need kommen sie download DB BROWSER zum SQLITE and if sie had android reset and had backed nach oben the android data files an your computer system (which freundin must do prior to resetting).

Move zu FILE file bei your backed trost files (before resetting).

If sie had set up custom rom then you can get file über going into document manager file und copy the file und save it some wherein else or ~ above desktop. Jetzt open the downloaded software program DB BROWSER zum SQLITE.

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Open that database record using software application move to database structure select ID paper then move zu browse data at best site tab, voila freundin get her id und even back-up code (16 digits)

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