As freundin read this review des Google’s neu budget android phone, ns Pixel 4A, understand that as ich wrote it, i wanted to put ns following heat after practically every sentence: “I have to remind sie that ns Pixel 4A costs $349.”

That price is the most important thing to know about ns Pixel 4A. That makes the Pixel 4A’s many good points — prefer its flagship-tier camera — that much more impressive. It’s also the source of some (but notfall all) des its compromises, like die processor i worry won’t gestanden the test des time.

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In android circles, Google’s Pixel line is often disdained weil das being at least half a action behind its competitors. Much of the scorn ist deserved, but i think notfall all — and the Pixel 4A provides a viel stronger case zum itself than other Pixel phones.

The 4A ist late, though: google says ns delay is down to ns pandemic. The ehrenvoll 20th shipping date zu sein awkwardly nearby to the usual October Pixel launch, deshalb Google zu sein going ahead and pre-announcing its next phones: ns $499 Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 (price TBD). If sie were hoping zum something other than a einzel 5.8-inch screen option, you will need zu wait for those phones.

Whether the Pixel 4A möchte make a much better case 보다 those upcoming phones remains kommen sie be seen. But ich will tell sie that ~ a couple of weeks, i prefer it over the viel more powerful $800 Pixel 4.

That’s quite a thing zu say because i should remind freundin that die Pixel 4A expenses $349.


google announces Pixel 5, Pixel 4A 5G, und Pixel 4A all punkt once
The google Pixel 4A camera module through a single 12-megapixel sensor.

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Pixel 4A Camera

When it comes down kommen sie it, there zu sein really just one reason to buy a Pixel phone instead von another android phone: Google’s software. That cleaner and less cluttered than other versions of Android, that guaranteed kommen sie get hinweisen least 3 years von timely software application updates, and — perhaps many importantly — Google’s software ist what makes ns Pixel camera deshalb good.

So let’s just get ideal into ns Pixel 4A’s finest feature: photos. I am happy to report the after dozens des test shots, ns Pixel 4A matches ns Pixel 4’s quality.



That’s not because ns camera hardware ist particularly notable, either. Yes a single 12.2-megapixel optically stabilized sensor top top the zurück (with a flash); it’s die same Sony IMX363 sensor the Pixels have used since die Pixel 3. There’s deshalb a einzel 8-megapixel sensor on ns front.

The Pixel 4A and Pixel 4’s photos space virtually impossible to distinguish. Lock both have the signature Pixel look: practically dramatically high contrast, spicy detail, and cool shade tones.

These cameras are specifically impressive in the dark. Their night settings are good — specifically at die $349 price point. I so compared ns 4A to ns iPhone SE, und while ns iPhone periodically takes an ext pleasing, warmer photos in daylight, it gets absolutely crushed weist night as it doesn’t have a similar night mode.


You kann zoom up to 7x, and the Pixel does a better-than-average arbeit of keeping einzelheiten at the crop. Just like most phones, the 4A’s portrait mode zu sein fine dafür long as sie don’t look too closely at ns edges. Ns software I in using has a very aggressive 2x crop wie you switch to portrait — this möchte apparently drop zu 1.5x when android 11 come out. (It works on pets, too.)

I so got a gelegenheit to use the 4A’s astrophotography mode, getting ns below shots von the Milky Way and even (just barely) die Neowise comet. Using ns Pixel 4A reminded me exactly how much ich love Google’s Pixel cameras.

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There space sacrifices, though. Because die Pixel 4A lacks die extra bild processor freundin get on the Pixel 4, bildern take remarkable longer to process before you can view them. Google so tells me that occasionally its HDR plus algorithm wollen utilize fewer shots than die Pixel 4, but i couldn’t tell any difference an practice.

I bei der slightly bummed that there’s no broad angle or telephoto lens, however only slightly. Usually, those sensors are von worse quality than the hauptsächlich sensor — especially hinweisen this preis point — dafür dropping them isn’t a large loss.