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Version: 2.0.9
Operating System: Windows, Mac, iOS, app android
License: không tính tiền
Developer Name: Google
Total Downloads: 736,506
Category: Writing và Editing Tools
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A window will open showing the permissions that Google Translate needs to lớn run. Click add Extension và it will be installed on your browser.If you want lớn pin the Google Translate icon on your toolbar, click on the puzzle icon to mở cửa the danh mục of extensions & then click on the pushpin icon.

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How lớn Uninstall Google Translate for PC

The easiest way to lớn remove the Google Translate Extension is to lớn hover your mouse over the Google Translate icon, right click your mouse, và choose Remove From Chrome.

The second option is khổng lồ return to lớn the Chrome store – you can get there quickly by clicking on the download button on this page. Then, click on the Remove From Chrome button and the extension will be deleted from Chrome.

If you’re still looking for a không lấy phí translation tool, kiểm tra out the alternatives below.

Google Translation for PC Overview

If you’re traveling, moving to lớn a new country, trying khổng lồ learn a new language, or just trying lớn understand a trang web or phrase that is not written in your native language, your life will be much easier if you tải về Google Translate for PC. Not only is it a life-changing program but it’s 100% free!

How khổng lồ Use Google Translate for PC

While there is a Google Translate website, downloading the Chrome extension is a much more convenient & faster method for translating the text you want lớn understand.

If your native language isn’t English, the first thing you’ll have khổng lồ is set your primary language.

Hover your mouse over the extension icon & right click your mouse.Choose from the 100+ languages in the drop-down menu.


You can also choose how you want the extension to lớn work.

As soon as you highlight any text on the page, a pop-up window will appear with the translation.

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When you highlight text in chrome, a Google Translate icon will appear. Click on the icon to display the translation.
Turn off both the pop-up and icon options.

If you choose the last option, you can always highlight the text you want lớn translate, & then click on the extension icon on your browser. The extension will then show you the translation.

When you click on the extension icon, you will have the option khổng lồ type or copy/paste text, or you can choose lớn translate the entire page. This will replace the current text with your preferred language.


It’s Not Perfect But…

No one will confuse you with a native speaker while using Google Translate. The program does have trouble with slang, idioms, and understanding context. However, it does a good job of literally translating the words which will help you understand the text you are reading. As someone who travels a lot, I find it to be an invaluable tool.

Free Alternatives khổng lồ Google Translate for PC

If you’d rather avoid using Google products, there are several other không tính tiền translation services that you can try out.

Babylon:With 77 languages, Babylon comes closest to matching the 100 languages that are available with Google Translate. You can choose whether you want khổng lồ have your translation appear in a separate window or a floating pop-up window that appears when the text is highlighted.QTranslate: An extremely accurate translation service, QTranslate has 33 languages, but you can showroom in additional languages. Not only does include text and voice translations, but it has software that recognizes text in images as well.


?Is Google Translate for PC free?

There is no cost or word limit when using Google Translate for PC. Just tải về the Chrome extension by following the steps listed above và start using it today.

?Does Google Translate for PC have a feature that reads the translated text?

The Chrome extension doesn’t have an audio feature. However, you can click on the Google Translate liên kết from the Chrome extension & your translation will appear on the website. Once on the website, you can click on the audio icon và hear the words.

?How accurate is Google Translate for PC?

Google Translate does a great job with literal translations. However, it’s not great with idioms and figures of speech. It’s a great tool lớn help you understand a few words or even several paragraphs.

?Is there a Google Translate thiết bị di động app?

You can tải về Google Translate from both the App and Play stores. The apps have some excellent features that utilize the camera on your phone. This includes taking pictures & highlighting the text you want khổng lồ translate, as well as instant translations for select languages. The instant translations replace the original text with the translated version directly on your screen.