I can't operation gta v top top my computer since ich installed the neu rockstar launcher today.

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any help would it is in appreciated

PS: It's heavy steam version




i schutz same belästigt from belastung update idk what to do ich tried somethings choose delete gta files from document but didn't work ich hope someone find a equipment or rockstar give an additional update zu fix this issue..

i have the same belästigt too. I contacted rockstars support and its funny the they kinda ditched me and never said in answer


Update: just solution to this issue ist reinstalling fenstern 10. U can be thinking of using ccleaner und all that registry modifying stuff but that wont help. I schutz tried every that und i deshalb tried reinstalling rockstars launcher due to the fact that thats what human being on youtube will tell u kommen sie do which is waste of time. Also verifying integrity option an steam is useless. Only thing u need to know ist u need to uninstall the gta 5 game prior to reinstalling windows 10 und select store apps and data möglichkeit during it deshalb that your files are not lost. This fehler is mostly caused after fenster 10 updates und can so be resolved if u roll zurück updates. Ns specific routine or paper which reasons this error is corruption in/of "visual c++ redistributable weil das visual studio" 2015 und other distributables.

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I oase the same issue with Red tot Redemption 2, und have notfall found a fix.

Do any von you oase multiple difficult drives? ich seem to oase some rockstars files the i cant delete top top my c drive... That could create ns error.

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Grand Theft auto Online - Rockstar's continuous ever broadening multiplayer system, introduced by Grand Theft automobil V.