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Coronji Calhoun, who in his only onscreen appearance score high marks weil das his portrayal von the overweight child of beschneidung Berry and Sean Combs’ characters in the 2001 attribute Monster’s Ball, has died. He was 30.

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Calhoun died Oct. 13, his mother, Theresa Bailey, revealed bei a klasse on a GoFundMe page that had produziert seeking financial aid “as us prepare kommen sie give Coronji a sacred celebration des life.”

Berry and Lee Daniels, one des the producer on Monster’s Ball, were amongst those do donations; each offered $3,394, according to ns website.

“We room blown away über the outpouring of love the community und Coronji’s embraced family has bezeichnen during ours process von grief,” außenwand wrote. “While ns financial burden has actually been lifted, we ausblüten mourn die loss des my son. Together we near this chapter, us ask that bei your remembrance von him, sie remember to love your neighbor as yourself, since that ist what Coronji did zum his whole community.”

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The cause von death was congestive heart failure und lung problems, new Orleans TV station WWL reported.

A aboriginal of neu Sarpy, Louisiana, Calhoun was 10 and had never acted before wie man he was cast as Tyrell Musgrove in Lionsgate’s Monster’s Ball, directed von Marc Forster. Beere became the first schwarze farbe actress zu win die best actress Oscar weil das her revolve as Leticia Musgrove, a woman who has actually a romantic relationship with the prison corrections officer (Billy roben Thornton) that assisted an her husband’s execution.

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Many reviewers came away impressed through Calhoun’s work in the movie.

In a 2002 interview, berry said she uncovered it difficult kommen sie berate herstellung onscreen son zum being overweight, so she spent time “kissing him und hugging er every minute before and right after und really making in investment an him.

“It was hard because he claimed something really heartbreaking zu us: Marc und I were talking to him, saying this zu sein just a movie, und I kept saying, ‘Everything i do and say, it’s notfall real, ich really think you’re wonderful.’ and he said, ‘Well, whatever freundin do zu me, halle Berry, the isn’t going to be worse 보다 what die kids weist school do kommen sie me."”

In addition zu his mom, survivors include his son and his stepson.

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Nov. 12 11 A vault version von this story incorrectly stated Calhoun’s date des death. He died Oct. 13.