Hamburg Marathon Strecke 2018

Popular Germany’s greatest spring marathon in Hamburg, die event so includes geholfen marathon, relay, and kids run

The marker on die map indicates die city bei which the race take away place and does not display die exact start or complete location.

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The hamburg Marathon is bei annual long-distance running event held an Hamburg, Germany. Ns official nennen of ns event zu sein Haspa marathon Hamburg. About 20.000 athletes take it part in marathon race and other competitions (10.001 runners perfect marathon and 2.901 finished half marathon an 2019).

The Hamburg Marathon prozess is marked with blue line since 1986.

In 2020 the hamburg Marathon was cancelled due kommen sie the covid19 virus.

In June you may operation Hamburg hilfreich Marathon (hella hamburg halbmarathon).

More about Hamburg und its attractions freundin may find here.

Hamburg marathon- (Haspa marathon- Hamburg) 2019

Events and Activities

Marathon race, 26.2mi/42.195km (Haspa marathon Hamburg)

The marathon race of 26.2mi/42.195km starts weist 9:30 25 April 2021 (Sunday) indigenous Karolinenstrasse Street close to Hamburg conference Center (Hamburg Messe) und Lagerstraße Street.

Age limit: born in 2003 and earlier.

Half marathon race, 13.1mi/21.097km (Haspa Halbmarathon Hamburg)

The hilfreich marathon race of 13.1mi/21.097km starts hinweisen 8:25 25 April 2021 (Sunday) native Bei das Kirchhöfen Street near Hamburg congress Center (Hamburg Messe).

Age limit: born an 2005 and earlier.

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Relay Marathon, 26.2mi/42.195km for 4 runners (Haspa Marathon hamburg Staffel)
The relay starts punkt 9:30 25 April 2021 (Sunday) from Karolinenstrasse Street near Hamburg conference Center (Hamburg Messe) and Lagerstraße Street.

The relay mannschaft consists von 4 members: ns 1st operation 15.7km, ns 2nd— 11.5km, the 3rd— 5.3km, und the last— 9.7km.

Age limit: native 12 years alt on die race date.

Entry fee: €159 for the team.
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The roundtrip course of the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon Hamburg) 2021 monitor through the streets des Hamburg, about Outer Alster Lake (Außenalster), and along the fluss Elbe.

The routes des the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon- Hamburg) 2021 are traffic free weil das the time von races.


Course of the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon Hamburg) 2021


Altitude profile of the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon- Hamburg) 2021 course

Course visualization, hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon- Hamburg)

The course of ns Hamburg geholfen Marathon 2021 partly coincides with the marathon- distance.


Course des the Hamburg geholfen Marathon 2021

Start zum the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon- Hamburg) 2021 und the relay zu sein on Karolinenstrasse Street punkt the main entrance of the Hamburg conference Center (Hamburg Messe) on the corner von Lagerstraße Street.

Finish zu sein located so on Karolinenstrasse Street (corner von Flora-Neumann-Straße).

Start and finish zum the Hamburg geholfen Marathon 2021 are on Bei das Kirchhöfen Street close to Hamburg congress Center (Hamburg Messe).

You might find the official prozess map von the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon- Hamburg) 2021 here, und Half Marathon 2021 here.

The Hamburg Marathon und Half Marathon 2021 attendees are split into beginning blocks according to ns expected end up time suggested while registering. Ns starting block zu sein marked on ns bib number.

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Time limit zum completing the marathon zu sein 6 hours 20 minutes, weil das the half marathon distance— 2 hrs 35 minutes. Marathon- finish region closes punkt 15:50, und Half marathon finish zone— hinweisen 11:00.

The tempo makers von the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon Hamburg) and Half Marathon 2021 provide ns necessary pace in order zu finish within a certain time. Target times zum marathon room 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00 hours, for half marathon— 1:30, 1:45, 2:00, 2:15 hours.

Water und nutrition stations are situated every 2.5km von the course beginning at km 5, und at ns finish. The stations provide runners v drinking water, isotonic drink, fruit, energy gel, Cola, non-alcoholic beere Krombacher, water kommen sie wet sponges.

Before the anfang runners may leave their angestellter belongings in the deposit ar at die Hamburg conference Center (Hamburg Messe) on Messeplatz 1 from 6:30 it spins 17:00 25 April 2021 (Sunday). Die stuff should be packed in the main Haspa Marathon hamburg Kit Bag (it zu sein included in your Race Pack along with your bib number und a sticker); die bag is to be marked with the sticker that has your race number ~ above it.

You may change, have a shower and recovery massage close to die finish at die Hamburg congress Center (Hamburg Messe) top top Messeplatz 1.

The route of the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon- Hamburg) 2021 ist certified über the kombination of international Marathons and Distance gyeongju (AIMS). The event is one des the world Athletics gold Label roadway Race.

You may sign up for races of the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon- Hamburg) 2021 online.

The online registration zu sein open it rotates 25 March 2021 or till ns slots last.

If slots space available sie may authorize up for the gyeongju 23—24 April 2021 at the Marathon hamburg Expo 2021.

The entry fee zum the Hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon Hamburg) 2021 varies depending on die number des entries: it rotates 10.000— €88, 10.001—12.000— €98, 12.001—14.000— €108.

Finishers of fünfzehn or much more races of hamburg Marathon get entry dues discounts.

The entry fee zum the Hamburg für hilfe Marathon 2021 different depending on ns number des entries: it spins 4.000— €66.

You may participate in team competition if you unterschrift your team while registering for the marathon- or geholfen Marathon.

You may auslieferung your registration kommen sie another person for a fee des €21 (Marathon) or €15 (Half Marathon) till 18 april 2021 online or 23—24 April 2021 at die Expo. More info is here und here.

Time measurement at die races of the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon Hamburg) 2021 zu sein done with die ChampionChip (a small plastic transponder that ist to be fastened on her running shoe und measures your mitarbeiter race time).

You may rent a chip (€6.5) as freundin sign up. If sie don’t return ns rented chip in ~ 2 days after ns race you wollen be charged extr €25 und the chip wollen be yours. Ns purchased chip can be used zum many different running, to ride bicycle or triathlon events worldwide.

If you schutz a ChampionChip of your own, you should go into its number an the registration form while signing up zum a race and show it zum the manage while collecting her Race Pack.

Your marathon or für hilfe Marathon Race Entry includes:

Bib numberSafety pins zu attach your bib number Goody bag Bag deposit Food und beverages stations, commodes along ns course and after die race pace maker dienstleistungen Music und performance teams along the prozess Athlete monitor through the mobile app Finisher medal transforming facilities und shower after finish Race outcomes online and via botschaft Digital gyeongju diploma through indicated finish time Medical help if important

You might order punkt extra charge: cancellation insurance, Race T-shirt (€31), medal engraving (€9.5).

You might pick up die Race Pack with your bib number weist Marathon hamburg Expo 2021 in the Hall A4 of the Hamburg conference Center (Hamburg Messe, Messeplatz 1). Schedule ist to be watched at die race webseite and in your check letter (sent über email).

To acquire your Race Pack sie should nur your ID v photo (passport), confirmation email.

You might authorize another person to collect your Race Pack. Die collecting person needs kommen sie present a copy des your ID, her confirmation letter.

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No health and wellness certificate is required zu enter any type of race of the hamburg Marathon (Haspa marathon- Hamburg) 2021.