Repair facebook messenger hardware access error in windows 10

Having hardware support capabilities lượt thích a camera and microphone in your Windows 10 lets you make Skype video calls, record videos, and do more. Many third-party apps like Facebook Messenger and other services require access to the camera or microphone for enabling their special features. However, sometimes, when someone tries to video clip chat with a friend on Facebook, they kết thúc up seeing an error message on their screen –An error occurred when trying khổng lồ get access lớn Camera and/or Microphone: Hardware Access Error.Facebook then deliberately attempts to bring the customer khổng lồ a tư vấn page, suggesting some basic troubleshooting tips lượt thích making sure no other apps are running in the background, checking mạng internet connection, restart browser and computer, và others.

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This is not a problem with Microsoft’s very own tiện ích – Skype. It works just fine! If you are facing this issue, this guide will help you tide over the problem.

Hardware Access Error when using Facebook Messenger

If an error occurred when trying to lớn get access to the Camera and/or Microphone – Hardware Access Error – when using Facebook Messenger in Windows 11/10, then read on.Allow Camera Access from SettingsChange Registry EntriesSite PermissionsUse Microsoft Store Messenger AppThis can be configured from any account.1> Allow Camera Access from SettingsPress Win+I to xuất hiện Settings. Select Privacy > Microphone.
Make sure that “Allow apps lớn access your microphone” is set khổng lồ the On position. Do the same for the Camera.This should help.

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2> Change Registry EntriesIf it does not, create a system restore point and then type ‘regedit.exe’ in the tìm kiếm box, right-click & select ‘Run as administrator’ option.When the Registry Editor opens, navigate to lớn the following address on your Windows x64:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/WoW6432Node/Microsoft/WindowsMediaFoundationDouble-click the thư mục to expand its menu và go lớn the sub-tree below.Select ‘Platform folder’. If the Platform Key is not available, right-click on WindowsMediaFoundation & select the New option to lớn create one.
Now, switch to the pane on the right-hand side and right-click any empty area to lớn create a new 32-bit DWORD.Set the name of this 32-bit DWORD as EnableFrameServerMode.When done, double-click the value ‘EnableFrameServerMode’, change its value data to lớn 0, & click the OK button lớn save changes.
That’s it!Hereafter, you should not see the ‘Hardware Access’ error.3> Site PermissionsIn Chrome go to lớn chrome://settings/content/siteDetails?search=cameraLocate Facebook, and set the camera permission khổng lồ AllowWhen you make a video call using Facebook, it will get access to the cameraSelect Facebook, và allow the camera permission
4> Use Microsoft Store Messenger AppIf you are facing this on the browser, you can install the ứng dụng from Microsoft Store. It is a native app, will have fewer issues, & managing options will be easier as well.

It is always a good idea to check that the ứng dụng is not being used somewhere else when opening it from Facebook or any other application.I hope the post was useful, & you were able lớn resolve hardware access error when using Facebook Messenger in Windows 11/10 for đoạn phim calls.


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