Peter Fonda’s Captain America Harley-Davidson freshly fetched a record-breaking $1.35 million hinweisen auction. Yet was die bike legit?

Actor und motorcycle enthusiast peter Fonda has never been one kommen sie hold back. Now, he’s unloading on the komm schon Angeles-based auction house Profiles in History, over ns recent sale des the Captain America Harley-Davidson motorcycle featured bei the 1969 film Easy Rider – a longtime cinematic favorite von ours here at E3 Spark Plugs. The $1.3 million selling price zum the cycle purportedly ridden by Fonda an the film is die highest auction price ever realized weil das a motorcycle zu date. But ns counterculture icon says something nur ain’t right.

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“There’s a big kommission stinking someplace in this,” Fonda says.

Unconvinced des the chopper’s authenticity, Fonda had unsuccessfully tried to stop the auction. Ns American flag-emblazoned panhead was sold by LA Realtor and movie memorabilia collector michael Eisenberg, who purchased it previously this year und apparently aimed straight for a quick profit. Eisenberg based his decision on die word von Dan Haggerty (of Grizzly Adams fame) who had actually a little part in Easy Rider und helped arbeiten on ns motorcycles used an the film, and who authenticated ns bike. According to in auction brochure, multiple bikes to be built in preparation weil das the film, but die $1.3 million prize is the only one that survives.

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Not so, says Gordon Granger, a Texas fans who says HE owns ns chopper in reality used bei the dennis Hopper-directed film. And to prove it, he’s got his very own certificate des authenticity native none other than Haggerty. That’s where dinge get hinky. Haggerty admits that authenticated both bikes but swore kommen sie members of the media that die one offered this previous weekend ist the one und only legitimate Captain America. The confirms rumors that three von the four Easy Rider bikes were stolen und sold weil das parts before ns film’s release and claims that personally constructed Eisenberg’s bike from ns wreckage des the fourth, which was nearly destroyed during shooting des the movie’s fiery closeup of the door scene.

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Officials v Profiles in History, die world’s largest auctioneer und dealer des original hollywood memorabilia, won’t name the highest bidder and there’s no word yet as to what’s next in this real-life plot twist. What do freundin think? are both bikes legit or is Fonda right about that big, stinking rat? post your thoughts on die E3 Spark Plugs facebook Fan Page.