Hundreds of police officers oase moved zu raid apartments und seize property des a hells Angels" charter in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Ns Concrete stadt biker club ist said zu include "proven criminals."


The northwestern German state formally banned the Concrete city charter und its supporter club Clan 81 und launched a crackdown against die groups on Wednesday.

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Some 700 police offizier were involved in the crackdown bei over a dozenGerman cities, consisting of Cologne, Wuppertal und Düsseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Special police units,experts onorganized crimeand world acquainted with the "biker scene" so took part in the effort.

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Police raided over 50 locations in 16 cities und towns

NRW state Interior Minister herbert Reul said that both "the purpose und the activity des the biker cluband its pendant goes against the law."

"The members von the clubare proven criminals. Their everyday life consists des violence, weapons, drugsand forced prostitution," Reul said bei a statement.

Hells gesichtspunkt were attempting zu lay claim zu "power and territory" in their turf wars with rival clubs, the added.

"The state will notfall tolerate ns growth von these parallel cultures that disregard its authority and its syndicate on legit use of force," follow to die minister.

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Bikers to oppose the ban

The authorities have so far seized weapons, drugs, computers, and over 60,000 euro($70,000) an cash belong to die two groups, and also bikers" "cuts" — the vests bearing symbols des their association.

The police crackdown is expected zu continue until Wednesday afternoon. The coordinated activity has to be unfolding "without any kind of incident," a police spokesman said.

Commenting on the raids, leuchtenden Angels"lawyer Wolf bonn accused die police von takingitems which could notfall be taken into consideration evidence, including biker"s watches, motorcycles, and even a bachelor thesis.

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"We are jetzt trying to form a comprehensive picture of the measures and people affected, und we are looking right into legal moves to oppose die ban," the lawyer said.

Ensuring "law and order"

Violent clashes bolzen biker factions and biker-related crime are reasonably common in Germany, which has actually over 70 Hells angels charters. Bei NRW, members von the world"s best-knownmotorcycle club schutz a history von bloody rivalry with the Bandidos, deshalb an international biker association