How To Automatically Replay Videos On Youtube, Auto Replay Youtube Videos

Youtube already has a feature that allows you to lớn play videos automatically without repeating the manual. In addition to the youtube repeat function available, you can also use other gadgets or websites that support video clip playback. N

When you watch a favorite clip on youtube, you will want khổng lồ watch it over và over again by whenever the video runs out again, it will start playing again và again, which will be very laborious. Understanding that habit of Youtube users already has a feature that allows you lớn play videos automatically và repeatedly without pressing the manual playback. In addition lớn the youtube repeat function available, you can also use other gadgets or websites that support video playback. If you vì chưng not know how to bởi it, please follow the following tutorial article of

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Method 1: Use features available on youtube

This way is very simple, while watching videos on youtube you just right-click on the video and then select the Loop (English is Loop ) section, the clip will be automatically played back every time.


Method 2: Use the Looper for Youtube extension

Looper for Youtube is an extension on the Chrome browser, with this utility, you can not only automatically trả lời the video, but also select the number of playback times or choose to replay a certain segment of the video.

You can install the Looper for Youtube utility with the following link:

After installing the utility, you mở cửa the đoạn clip on youtube and you will see below the video there is an LOOP button (loop), you click this button lớn make the video clip automatically play back.


Also when you press the clip playback, the features of this utility will appear below.

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You can know how many times the đoạn phim has been repeated by playing Played x time (x is the number of times it has played).When you kiểm tra the Loop for 10 times box , the video will be played back 10 times.And the Loop a portion feature will allow you khổng lồ repeat a segment in the video, you can drag the bar below lớn select the video you want lớn repeat.


When you vì chưng not want to play the đoạn phim again, you press the Loop button again.

Method 3: Use intermediary website

Step 1 : xuất hiện the youtube đoạn clip you want to play repeatedly, then click on the bar and địa chỉ cửa hàng the word "repeater" right after the word Youtube on the liên kết and press Enter


Step 2: After pressing Enter you will be taken khổng lồ a new website, where the youtube video clip will be played repeatedly.


You can also select a segment of the video clip to play back with the pink toolbar below the video.


Above introduced to lớn you some quick and effective ways lớn repeat the video clip on youtube, hope you will find the article useful. Good luck!