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What if your child asks you, “Mum, I want lớn be a Youtuber!”. What would you do?

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We all know what YouTube is: a video-sharing platform owned by Google. Some of the most popular types of nội dung that can be seen there are pranks, reaction videos, unboxing videos, & doing Đánh Giá about a certain product or place.

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Even ‘Work with me‘ or ‘Study with me‘ has become so popular.

The Difference Between Youtubers & Influencers

Today, advertising companies are also already seeking for them khổng lồ market their products because apart from they are cheaper, they are more connected to people as they vị not really see their ‘subscribers’ as fans, but as people who believe sầu in them. The more people believe in them, the more they become prominent in the industry.

But take note: YouTubers are becoming more & more famous as time goes on, but not all YouTubers are influencers, and that’s one thing that you should know just so you’re aware.

1. Creating the YouTube Account

There are many risks attached to being a YouTuber, & one of them are the internet trolls và those people who are so eager lớn spread hate & khổng lồ argue on the internet. While it is normal for us adults, children don’t have sầu the capađô thị khổng lồ handle situations lượt thích that as they aren’t yet matured enough khổng lồ bởi so.

Another risk is exposure, which I really consider the primary concern is exposing them on other types of truyền thông media that are not suitable for them – just like adult challenges, videos, or even games that are rated! And speaking of games, I’m sure you caught the news of a child committing suicide because of the MOMO suicide game, a set of challenges first started as pranks. Oh my! You don’t know what kind of stuff the internet provides, that is why it is very important to supervise them.

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So, anyway, how bởi you create a YouTube channel?

For adults, it’s quite easy khổng lồ create one because more often than not, they already have a Google trương mục, so they just have sầu khổng lồ phối their YouTube channel with it. However, Google, YouTube’s parent company, has a system to lớn not allow children under 13 years old to lớn enter if there’s no parental consent. The reason for this is lớn allow Google to lớn use your child’s data for marketing purposes. On top of that, there are also many groups who are watching Google và urging the company lớn safeguard data especially the children’s. As a young teen, your child might not have understood the terms and conditions and would just click accept.

If you’re not confident about the consent, you can create a family tài khoản, link it to lớn your smartphone or other devices, and then monitor your child’s activities.


4. Feedback

When you’re in a social world, it’s tempting to lớn see what others think. But keep in mind that there are a lot of haters who just love sầu lớn spread hate, and for your children’s sake, it’s better to lớn turn off the comment section. Yes, the world can be as harsh as it can be. One person may say, “You suông xã, kill yourself”, & it’s best to lớn not let your child see that. In fact it is essential as a parent to moderate what people are commenting.

For this scenario, it might be best khổng lồ seek feedbaông xã from the family, cthua trận relatives, and friends.

5. Life Changes

Just like pop stars, YouTube stars’ life undergoes changes and it’s important lớn guide your child for that. As they grow alongside their growing subscribers, people might ask for pictures or even guest them on many TV shows. You can’t see it now but it’s still a parent’s job lớn remind their children lớn keep their feet on the ground & to handle their stressors quite well, whatever they might be.

6. Monetising a Youtube Channel

So if you can get 4,000 views on your Youtube channel consistenly over a month, you can apply to lớn monetize your Youtube account. This is when you can run ads & get paid on a ‘Per View’ basis.

Other ways of monetising are sponsorship from companies, appearance fees, and sponsored content. All are hard work – & it doesn’t come easy – but it doesn’t really cost anything but time to set up – so why not!