How to be good

Have freundin ever wonder why people make ns choices they do? What makes a person a good person? have to we strive kommen sie be good, and if so, why?


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Du schaust: How to be good


If freundin asked twenty human being what the means kommen sie be a good person, chances are you would get twenty various answers. What individuals perceive zu be great character characteristics vary depending on several factors. Religion, country background und family dynamics every play a part in forming one"s personal opinions und often dictate how they see others.

Generally speaking, most world share a desire to be good. However, without understanding what renders a person “good,” it"s impossible kommen sie achieve that goal. Zum many, ns struggle bolzen trying to be good und having negativ character traits can cause extreme anxiety or depression. We will discuss some of these issues und how zu overcome lock later bei this article.

What is Goodness?

The word "good" is defined über Merriam-Webster together "virtuous, right and commendable; kind und benevolent."

Henry david Thoreauwas quoted together saying, "Goodness is the just investment that never fails."

Characteristics von A an excellent Person

A good personen often has habits, or characteristics, that make ihm or her gestanden out kommen sie others. A few examples include:


An empathetic person expresses an understanding des how rather feel. It zu sein expressed as in emotion, not nur a sprachlich statement von understanding. In individual who is hurting regularly longs to schutz someone who understands what he or she ist going through.




An individual that wants zu be a good personen will strive to be honest with themselves and others. Dishonesty is one way kommen sie ruin a relationship and can make human being view you negatively.


Being humble doesn"t mean a person subjects themselves kommen sie humiliation. Rather, a personen who techniques humility ist willing to be kind to rather without expecting to be rewarded. A humble person is willing kommen sie give von themselves und does notfall expect to receive anything an return.


Being free from personal biases means that bei individual kann give in opinion without prejudice. It mirrors a commitment kommen sie the basic principles of what zu sein right, rather than being committed to ns opinions of others.


Taking responsibility weil das one"s actions is a sign of maturity und is a characteristic of a great person.

Why gift A Good person Matters

Your actions and behaviors help build your reputation. Some civilization may be known as selfish, money-hungry, or a menace. Others may be seen as kind, generous und faithful friends. Her reputation, among other factors, will help kommen sie create the opportunities you encounter in life.



Life choices, as mentioned above, schutz a way of following us for years, periodically throughout our entirety life. Below, we"ll comment on how our choices and reputations influence our lives, und why gift a good person matters.

How Being great (Or Bad) May affect Your Career

Consider, zum a moment, that you were die owner des a company and you needed kommen sie hire a neu employee. Amongst potential candidates, two have amazing resumes. However, wie man you look beyond die words on ns resume and contact references, one des the candidates is spoken very highly of. Sie are told the she is passionate around work, honest und very accountable. Die other candidate, however, has references the were notfall as glowing. Sie were told that he was always late zum work, could notfall take accuse or advice from supervisors without being offended, und was captured being dishonest bei a few unternehmen deals. Suddenly, ns experience outlined ~ above those resumes doesn"t seem together important, does it?

Practicing habits des honesty and integrity are ways kommen sie establish yourself together a "good person." Choosing zu do otherwise might result in a negativ impact on your career.

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The Good, the Bad, AndRelationships

Without a doubt, our habits (whether good or bad) will impact our relationships v others. Practicing bad habits or exhilaration poorly wollen eventually make people doubt ours sincerity and trustworthiness. On the other hand, having a giving attitude and being honest and selfless are qualities that human being seek when building a irreversible friendship or intimate relationship. It"s a matte of emotion safe. Relationship are bei investment, and people that want healthy relationships wollen seek out people who do them feeling safe, rather than those that leave them feeling uneasy or questioning their worth.



Being good ist a angestellter decision. No matter how viel education we get on ns positive und negative impacts our habits has top top ourselves and others, no one can force another to be a genuinely an excellent person. Consider the benefits des being a an excellent person and how good behavior can impact her life weil das years zu come.

Earning ns Respect of Others -Doors of opportunity tend to open more easily wie we have the respect des others. Having die reputation des being a good person speaks volumes kommen sie present or potential employers, her co-workers, and your peers. Wie other civilization respect you, sie are an ext likely to oase a positive influence on your lives.

Respecting yourself -If freundin find it difficult to respect yourself, possibilities are, others will not be respectful des you either. Acting bei a an excellent manner with ethical habits and a good work ethic will give you a sense des pride und the right kommen sie respect yourself und your efforts.

Feeling A Sense des Purpose -Our actions kann create a sense of accomplishment or a feeling des regret. Learning an excellent behavior, and practicing that daily, wollen create a feeling des purpose. Ns more purpose we feel, ns more identified we become zu accomplish great things in our lives.

When Being an excellent Seems Hard kommen sie Do

Have you ever feel that, no matte how hard freundin try, sie can"t seem to get life on the right track? No matte what a person"s past zu sein like, us all endure days the seem a wenig more difficult than others. Life zu sein a journey. Every day need to be lived v purpose. Even the bad ones.

For many, the struggle zu be a good person or zu change unhealthy habits is very real. Talking zu a freundin or close family members member might be a good way kommen sie gain some understanding into exactly how your actions has impacted others. Additionally, if die issue von being a good person ist something that freundin struggle with, but want zu achieve, seeking ns advice of a counselor or therapist ist a good way zu discuss her feelings und learn ways zu apply an excellent practices.

Research mirrors that online therapy platforms are reliable resources zum people that want assist with a variety von mental health and wellness concerns, consisting of those related zu issues des morality, decency, or goodness. In one study, published an World Psychiatry, researchers examined the effectiveness von online therapy—and, specifically, online cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT)—in treating a broad range von mental health disorders, detect that online therapy ist as reliable as face-to-face counseling. Cognitive-behavioral treatment helps people understand ns problematic thoughts and actions damit verbundenen with details situations, so that they kann better manage their emotions and interactions. Ns report so mentions the increased accessibility und ease von use des online therapy platforms. These findings are in line through a growing body of research pointing to online therapy as a advantageous alternative kommen sie traditional, in-person therapy.

As pointed out above, online therapy ist a useful, accessible way of addressing pertains to related to morality and being a good person. Wie you want zu talk v a counselor, however don"t oase the time zu travel to und from appointments, online counseling is in option to consider., you kann meet with a licensed, experienced counselor from anywhere sie have in internet connection. In online mental health and wellness professional kann sein help guide sie on ns path kommen sie becoming ns best version des yourself. Read below zum some reviews von counselors, from people experiencing comparable issues.

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Counselor Reviews

"Michal has been an extremely supportive. Produziert techniques are very handy and have really aided me move my negative thoughts kommen sie positive ones. Feather forward to learning an ext from herstellung to become a much better version des myself. Thank freundin Michal."


"Krysten has actually been bei immense help bei dealing with und confronting my anger and depression issues. Ich started zu notice immediate changes in my general disposition within a week von working through her. Mine friends und family have even said ich seem less bitter and jaded. Und the truth that I kann communicate with her frequently has actually done wonders in keeping me ~ above track und progressing forward. My time working v Krysten and being ~ above has been a hopeful experience und done viel more zum me than traditional in-office therapy ever before did."



When asked, many people möchte say the they desire to be a good person. Ns benefits des being good, such together having solid relationships or having a positive influence on others room undeniable. While many behavior is learned in childhood, the doesn"t median that bad behavior cannot be changed and positive habits learned. Honesty v oneself zu sein the erste step kommen sie becoming a an excellent person. With ns right tools, you tun können be a an excellent person and enjoy die benefits discussed in this article.