How to share your google calendar with others

Google Calendar is a time-managing & scheduling tool. It integrates with other Google services such as Gmail and Google Drive. At this point, you’re likely familiar with the basic ins và outs of using Google Calendar — scheduling events, adding locations, setting reminders, inviting others to events and adding sự kiện locations— but are you aware of how to mô tả Google calendar with others? You can chia sẻ the calendar you created & set varied access rights. But, If your employer or organization handles the account, the administrator may have restricted or disabled sharing outside the business.

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In this article, we are going to cover how to:

Share Google Calendars

Let’s begin!

You can choose from several methods when it comes khổng lồ sharing your Google Calendars. For starters, you can cốt truyện them using either your desktop, máy tính or thiết bị di động device. In addition, the ứng dụng gives you options as to who you nội dung your calendar with và whether or not to lớn provide control access. We’ll start by telling you how to giới thiệu a calendar from your desktop or laptop computer.


Go lớn your Google Calendar và find the My calendars section towards the left side of the UI.

Click the three dots symbol beside the calendar in the display và choose the Settings và Sharing option.

Google Calendar Sharing from Desktop

Share With All Contacts

Choose the specific calendar you’d like to nội dung from the danh sách on the left side of the screen. You may have made multiple Google calendars depending on different subjects such, as jobs, personal schedules và special event days. Utilize the down-arrow button located beside a calendar to direct you khổng lồ the specific calendar that you’d like to share và then tick the “Share this calendar” menu from there. Kiểm tra the “Make available to public box,” select “Get shareable link” after that, copy it, & then forward it lớn anybody you want.

Share Google Calendars with everyone using shareable link.

Share With Individual Contacts

Click the “Add people” option under the “Share with specific people” section, enter the thư điện tử addresses of the individuals you wish to mô tả the calendar with & set their access.

Share Google Calendars with specific contacts


Google Calendar can only be shared using the website browser on a điện thoại device but not the actual điện thoại app.

Sharing a Google calendar from a di động device using a web browser is similar to doing so from the desktop view. Xuất hiện Google Calendar on your phone. Click the down arrow beside the calendar in the “My calendars” section on the left, then select “Share this calendar.” Choose the calendar sharing option that you want lớn apply.

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Share Google Calendars from a mobile device.

Controlling Privileges

With shared Google calendars, various permission settings allow you lớn utilize the output of others to lớn optimize your time or limit access to lớn maintain complete control over events. You can decide what level of accessibility you want khổng lồ give people who have permission to view your calendar. Google allows you to provide four levels of access while sharing calendars:

Manage changes and manage to lớn share: This option enables you khổng lồ assign someone to lớn make adjustments lớn the calendar as well as control the sharing process.Make changes lớn events: With this selection, you can pick someone to view & alter all kinds of events without access to sharing capabilities.See all sự kiện details: The person with whom you mô tả the calendar can only view the information of the events you permit them to lớn see. Therefore, personal events are not viewable.See only free/busy (hide details): Only free and busy information is displayed, with no name or information associated with each status or engagement.

Note: After adding a calendar, make sure khổng lồ switch on “sync + visibility” when using DigiCal, which is a calendar ứng dụng for Android. Also, remember that reminders and color shades you choose in DigiCal for your copy aren’t shared with others.

Disable Calendar Sharing

It is as simple to stop sharing a Google Calendar as it is to send them.

Begin by right-clicking on the calendar you want to modify.Touch và press the particular calendar name if you are using a touch screen.Select the “Permissions” option. To lớn disable calendar sharing with someone specific, locate the individual you wish lớn alter permissions for và then either pick a new setting type or eliminate their access altogether by selecting the discard icon. You can choose “Save” to lớn keep changes or “Cancel” to lớn delete modifications.

Disable Calendar sharing.


Share your Google Calendar with others khổng lồ make your scheduling process run smoothly. It’s simple to nội dung a Google Calendar, và there are numerous privacy settings you can select. All you require is an authentic gmail address. Also, you can disable access lớn the calendar at any time. We hope that this article has provided you with answers to your questions about sharing Google Calendars. Vì chưng you know any other way to nội dung Google calendar? Let us know in the comments!