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Of course, I don’t a million words a day, but this is the kind of post we’ll have sầu to write in order to get people to lớn read our nội dung. And pretty soon we’ll have sầu lớn actually write a million words every single day. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. Every single word of it. <…>

How I Write a Million Words a Day — The Art of Blogging

Of course, I don’t a million words a day, but this is the kind of post we’ll have khổng lồ write in order to lớn get people to lớn read our nội dung.

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And pretty soon we’ll have khổng lồ actually write a million words every single day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. Every single word of it. Writing is all I think about and all I want to vày.

I write some eight hours a day, every day. I write two blog posts before every one wakes up. It’s 8:48 PM where I’m at, & I’m writing my sixth post of the day.

It’s a lot of writing lớn do on a daily basis, but I don’t care. I want lớn write it all. And I forgot to mention the fact that I write a few thousand words of comments, e-mails, và replies to the comments and e-mails I receive sầu. Sometimes I even engage other human beings on different messaging apps, but that’s rather rare.

And bởi vì you want to know why I vị all this?

It’s the only cure I know for writer’s bloông xã. The blank page no longer scares me.

The more I write, the more I am able to lớn write.

It took me a long time to understvà that writing is not as artistic as we like lớn think. Writing is a matter of finding those moments when you catch but the glimpse of an idea, và it excites you just a bit, và you usually have sầu khổng lồ vị something else, or someone calls you on the phone, and it’s gone. Well, I am the guy who declines the Hotline and starts punching those keys. It doesn’t have sầu to be good, và that’s not what I think as I give sầu my idea shape. I don’t think much as I write. I just want to turn my ideas inlớn words, to lớn get them out, khổng lồ place them in front of my readers.

That’s writing.

Simple, isn’t it?

When you’re reading someone else’s words, andthose words inspireyour brain inkhổng lồ thinking of something lớn say, you’re writing. When you’re thinking of a good reply to a snarky joke, that’s writing. When you’re texting, you’re writing. When you’re sexting, you’re writing.

Writing is just you thinking through your fingers.

When I get an idea, I write it down on my phone, on my máy tính, on a napkin. I’ve had to lớn wake up in the middle of the night to bởi vì this. I’ve had to lớn pause a movie I was watching, or stop in the middle of the street.

Most people don’t want khổng lồ vì this. It’s a sad thing lớn let an idea die like that.

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If you took the time to write down your ideas as soon as you’d have them, you could write a million words a day. Okay, maybe not a million. But a thous&. How does a thousand sound?

All you need lớn write is lớn give sầu life to a thought or idea. Give them a tangible size.

They don’t need lớn be these wonderful ideas crafted inkhổng lồ perfection by the soul of some long-dead South American poet. No. The things I write down never are. I’m talking about an interesting sentence I read in an article, or the idea for a headline. Sometimes an idea comes khổng lồ me as I type a bình luận to a certain post, or as I read other people’s comments. Sometimes I just stare out the window or listen lớn my neighbors playing loud music over the speakers, và I’ll have sầu an idea.

That’s how a blank page stops being scary.

Because when you vì chưng this right, there’s no more blank page. You already have something. And idea. There’s so much clarity right there.

This post you are reading started as an idea. That’s all it took. And since I’ve been doing this for tuy vậy long, all I need is an idea, and then I can write about it at least five hundred or so words.

In order khổng lồ write anything at all, you need an idea or a bit of someone else’s words. That’s it.

If you bởi vì that, the blank page does not exist anymore. Writer’s block is something that happens to lớn other people. Writing stops being this tedious process.

Jaông chồng Kerouac used lớn hope that he’d find the right words someday. I find them every single day, from morning until I go to bed. The right words are everywhere.

Once you start writing under the influence of such an abundant mindphối, you let go of the vanity that often comes with the notion that you are a writer. You are not a god, so stop pretending khổng lồ be one. You don’t have sầu lớn create something out of nothing.

All you’ve got to lớn vày is find something you love so much that you kind of hate the writer because they wrote about it before you did, và then let it inspire you. Think about it. Add to it. Disagree with it. Remove. Rewrite. Embellish.

The possibilities are truly endless.

If you want to be able khổng lồ write a lot, you’ve sầu got lớn think a lot about writing. You’ve lớn read a lot, so other people’s words get stuông xã in your mind, và the only way lớn get them out is khổng lồ write them down. That’s all it takes. That’s what writing is.

If you vì chưng that, I promise that you’ll be able lớn write at least twice as much as you used to.