The huawei Mate 40 pro is in impressive handset in terms des hardware, but in terms des software, well, that’s a various story. This ist because together part of being on the US entity List, it prevents huawei from doing unternehmen with the mögen of Google, and as such, ns company’s phones beginning from last year’s mate 30 series all come without google Play.Google beat is in important part von the android experience as it gives users access kommen sie Google’s services and the anwendung store where users can find android apps to download. Sure, there room alternatives kommen sie the google Play Store, yet let’s face it, it’s blieb the most popular place kommen sie find her favorite android apps.

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How to install google Play ~ above your huawei Mate 40 Pro


We want to point out that this current technique relies on running a virtual machine on your huawei smartphone. Bei case you’re unfamiliar, a virtual machine basically hülle another “machine” on your phone, similar zu computer virtualization software that would allow Mac users to run windows on their computer systems simultaneously.

This is different from other methods, yet we discovered it kommen sie be die simplest an approach as all you’d need zu do is install in app, operation it, and you’re or less good zu go. As always, carry out ensure her phone and all important data on it ist backed hoch first an the occasion that something walk wrong.

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The webseite is bei Chinese, but tap the taste on the left to download ns 64-bit version von the appOnce it’s downloaded, click install and grant it die permissions the asksOnce the passend zu is complete, go back to your home screenLaunch die virtual device appTap die first taste at die top to beginTap ns blue button at ns bottom des the screenYou wollen be prompted to grant the anwendung permissions, deshalb tap the button on ns rightTap die toggle zu allow it zu display over various other appsGo back to die installationTap the taste below die promptIt will then ask zum permissions zu access things like your location, photos, videos, audio, and more. Approve it permissions where freundin feel comfortable, back do grad that details features might notfall work if you do notfall grant that permissionsWait weil das the installation process zu completeThe virtual machine anwendung will launch und you will jetzt be ~ above a neu home screenTap die blue buttons which are basically telling freundin about some von the featuresYour digital machine zu sein now installedLaunch the anwendung drawer like sie would on a normal android phoneTap ns gear icon kommen sie launch ns SettingsScroll down until you lakers a globus icon und tap on it kommen sie change her languageTap the button at ns topTap the + button and add EnglishDrag English to the top zu make English ns default languageGo rückseitig to the virtual machine’s house screen and tap the gear app iconTap die second auswahl from die top und toggle that onTap the taste on the rightTap the button on the right againThe digital machine anwendung will restart while the installs the google Play Store, GMS, und the google frameworkPull trost the apps drawer in the online machine und you will now see google Play available and you kann sein launch it, log right into it, und download die various google apps that you’re missing und other android apps

While the lack von English during the montage process ist a bit disconcerting, all jene considered, this zu sein probably one of the more straightforward approaches we’ve seen. Us want kommen sie point the end that this is a virtual device which method that if sie restart her phone or turn it off, the app will it is in closed und you’ll need zu relaunch the again.

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It could be a bit troublesome, yet if you just need zu run a few google apps every now und then, this could be a much more efficient method.