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While Signify"s neu Hue Gradient Play light Strip zu sein underwhelming native a HomeKit perspective, it ist the best method yet zu sync her TV kommen sie your lights.

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Over the years, denote has continued kommen sie add neu products to its Philips Hue platform. We"ve seen bulbs des every shape and size, neu fixtures and lamps, and also a bunch von Friends of Hue companion devices. Nearly des which arbeit with Apple"s HomeKit platform.

Seven addressable zones1100 lumensComes an sizes zum 55, 65, and 75-inch TVs (fits other sizes an between)Works wirth apfel HomeKitDesigned zu work with Hue HDMI Sync BoxFlexible silicone material

Recently, us saw the debut von the Hue Gradient pat Lightstrip, which was a huge step forward zum Hue. Hue"s light strips have been rather similar zu many others, an that they are flat, trimmable strips that can be mounted in many places. But they might only emit one color hinweisen a time.

This neu light strip ist capable von showing multiple color at ns same time. It ist relying top top a neu technology zum Hue to create not only multiple addressable zones but smooth transitions bolzen those zones und colors.

Rather 보다 being placed under cabinets, down stairs, or behind a desk, the neu Hue Gradient light strip is intended kommen sie be placed to die rear von your TV und paired with ns Hue HDMI Sync Box.


The strip has actually a unique shape with two schwarz flat sides, perpendicular zu each other. Then die semi-opaque lit portion zu sein curved between. When mounted, it helps distribute die light out hinweisen a 45-degree edge which zu sein ideal weil das a TV backlight.


The light piece comes bundled v all ns mounting hardware freundin need — two edge mounts as well as three straight mounts. You mount one in the top center des your TV, ns corners precisely where you"d expect, climate the tonnage two straightaways at ns bottom des each side. Adhesive ist already an installed on the rückseitig of each deswegen application ist easy.

Signify has actually thought with all the klein details. ~ above the zurück of our TV, the rückseitig panel ist tapered, i m sorry makes applying a flat edge mount impossible. Deshalb the Hue mount zu sein flexible, enabling it zu be mounted und stay flush.


Once die mounts are placed, ns light strip just squeezes into place. It ist held certain but notfall too hard kommen sie mount or take it out. The power connector so juts out weist a right angle towards ns middle von the TV deswegen that it remains away from the side or bottom.


Once connected, die light strip zu sein added to die Hue apps just like any kind of other Hue light. That connects end Zigbee just the same. When paired, you can change the color of the entire light strip. But bei unfortunate limitation des the software zu sein that freundin can"t set multiple color on ns strip manually.

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HomeKit support zu sein equally limited. You kann sein control the light, change its brightness level, schedule it, create automation rules, und change ns color von the entirety light strip. Again, you can only change the color of the entire light strip rather than picking multiple colors hinweisen once.

To realize ns full potential von the Hue Gradient Play light Strip you need die Hue HDMI Sync Box. That isn"t required to use ns light, however limits freundin if sie don"t have one.

This small box accepts lot of HDMI inputs und passes the video through ns TV. While doing so, it analyzes ns video feed zum dominant color und paints the wall about your TV in corresponding colors.

Previously, us used die Hue Play light bars — one on every side des our TV and one at the top. They worked well, yet were smaller, still only had actually three colors at once, and sometimes weren"t perfectly synced with die TV.

We upgraded indigenous those light bars to die Hue pat Gradient Lightstrip und is a much better experience. As you kann sein see from die samples over and in our video review, ns light syncs an extremely reliably zu what is on the screen. Additionally, it creates a viel more immersive lightscape through multiple colors. It goes roughly all 3 sides von the TV, including die corners.

What disappoints us through the new lightstrip, ist that it zu sein limited kommen sie use v a TV. The tech ist cool and it looks great, so we desire it an more places throughout our home. We"d liebe to seen a lightstrip zum our cabinets, desk, stairs, mantle, und much much more with multiple colors. We desire to lakers the ability to set those color from the Hue app.

Going further, we can"t wait to see Signify combine this modern technology into various other lights. Maybe an candle bulbs that kann show red, white, yellow, und orange at the same time to create a flame effect, or pendant lights hanging above our dining room table v multiple colors at once.

That isn"t zu entirely discredit ns Hue beat Gradient Lightstrip. It looks fantastic and we can"t say enough good sachen about making use of it with our TV. It aussehen incredible und exactly what we necessary right now while movie theaters are out des reach und we crash on our couches zu binge new films.

If you oase the Sync Box, or are considering choose one up, then the Gradient irradiate Strip zu sein the ideal way to utilize it.

Easy to setup and mountLooks wonderful with Hue Sync BoxHomeKit supportTechnology likely coming kommen sie other products in the futureMultiple sizes to fit most TVs

You kann sein order die Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip straight from Hue"s website. The comes bei sizes zum 55-inch, 65-inch, und 75-inch televisions though they will fit additional sizes in between based on how they room mounted. The neu Philips Hue pat Gradient Lightstrip starts hinweisen $199 und goes up zu $239.



said about 1 year ago

So just to clarify. This could be offered with nur the HDMI sync box and the light piece if you only want it weil das TV predisposition lighting und don’t care about IOT far control? so it doesn’t show up that they have a kit the includes ns sync box and lights? aussehen like independently it’s around $400. Zu sein that correct?



said about 1 year back

Question ich haven"t seen answered all over yet...does this add any intake lag? If i use the for bei FPS, ist there going to be in input lag penalty here?


mr lizard

said around 1 year earlier

The colour changes look contempt out of sync with the on-screen image, according kommen sie this video. Ich would uncover that fairly distracting.

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said around 1 year earlier

This ist one instance where I"m a glass half-empty kind of guy. Ich just don"t lakers the light as "syncing" to the TV. Probably in an all blue "night" scene or white in the snow, but otherwise what ich see nur doesn"t do me think there"s any echt synchronicity there. A scene ist sort of red und sort des blue and a little green. The led string climate becomes sort von red, sort von blue, und sort von a little green. With ns sort ofs and lag i just don"t feeling it.