Directly connecting lights kommen sie Alexa; e.g., ZigBee lights can directly it is in connected zu an amazonas Echo (not Echo Dot/Show/…).Using in Alexa skill weil das specific Smart-Home devices, e.g., the Philips Hue skill, the Ikea skill, …

This article wollen focus on die third approach. This approach ist well-suited when you have OpenHAB anyway (for house automation via rules, etc.).

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MyOpenHAB Cloud

Unfortunately, it is not possible kommen sie control OpenHAB items via Alexa there is no using ns cloud. Even if it would be possible, über Alexa your devices would be in the cloud anyway — an the amazon cloud.

Like OpenHAB, deshalb the OpenHAB cloud is fully open-source. You kann sein deploy the wolke service kommen sie your own server. But freundin can also use

For the OpenHAB Alexa skill, it zu sein necessary to create in openHAB wolke account under Freundin register through (i) your e-mails address, (ii) a password, (iii) in openHAB UUID, and (iv) an OpenHAB Secret. Zum getting ns openHAB UUID und the secret, you oase to install the OpenHAB wolke connector add-on.

OpenHAB wolke Connector, UUID, Secret

In OpenHAB 3, add-ons can be set up through the main UI when you offen the web interface and click top top “Settings”. Die OpenHAB cloud Connector add-on can be discovered under “Misc”.

After installing die add-on, connect zu your OpenHAB instance durch SSH, restart OpenHAB (or reboot), und take a look at die following two papers that are now there:

cat /var/lib/openhab/uuid cat /var/lib/openhab/openhabcloud/secretAs soon as freundin copy and paste the gezeigt values bei your MyOpenHAB wolke account, your OpenHAB instance ist connected to ns cloud.

Cloud Features

Now, together your OpenHAB instance is not just a local fasst anymore, but in the cloud, you kann sein use the following features:

Using die OpenHAB app even when you are notfall connected to your local WiFi network, e.g. Weist work. Simply collection your myopenhab e-mails address and password in the android or iOS app.Push Notifications. This is also done via the OpenHAB app. Within her scripts und rules, you tun können send push messages zu your mobile phone.Remote Administration. Your entirety OpenHAB instance is now available from the internet via a (protected) turning back proxy.Making items obtainable via service like IFTTT, amazonas Alexa, google Home, und more.

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You tun können find ns settings weil das all this in the OpenHAB 3 taste UI under settings → Other service → openHAB Cloud.



OpenHAB cloud Settings

When freundin choose only specific items under “Items kommen sie Expose”, only those items kann be discovered through service like Alexa. Wie man nothing is selected, every item tun können be accessed native there. Deshalb those items that sie add bei the future.

Setting Alexa-specific Metadata zum items

This part was an extremely annoying bei OpenHAB 2. Sie needed zu add a specific tag to item that freundin want zu control durch Alexa, zum example, the arbeit “lighting”. Und adding tags was notfall possible in the PaperUI, only in the textual definieren of article files und with rest API calls. In OpenHAB 3, this process is much easier now:

Open the “Items” section an the main UI und click on the item that sie want to control durch Alexa, zum example, a light.Under “Metadata”, click “Add Metadata” → “Amazon Alexa” (Apple Homekit and Google Assistant is so available there).Choose the klasse of die item dafür that Alexa to know what it kann sein do through it, e.g. Lighting.Save.


Assigning bei Alexa klasse to an OpenHAB item

As you kann sein see, a gewächs of different kinds von items kann sein be connected kommen sie Alexa. Not only lights, but deshalb heatings, sensors, rollershutters, und so on. Escape on die class, you later tun können tell Alexa what you want zu do or what sie want zu know from the item: “Alexa, rotate on the light”, or “Alexa, what zu sein the temperature bei the living room?”.

Adding OpenHAB items to Alexa

As the tonnage step, open the Alexa apps on your mobile phone, install die OpenHAB skill, and configure it von setting her myopenhab email and password. Then offen “Devices” und click ns + icon kommen sie add a neu device. In the following step, you schutz to select a service. Together OpenHAB ist not shown an the list, simply choose “Others”. Jetzt your OpenHAB items that freundin annotated through Alexa metadata will show up. Include them, provide them a name, und choose a room.

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The device’s room ist very important. “Alexa, turn on the light” wollen turn on die light in that room in which your Alexa machine is.