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Organization & Activities

Associations room partners

In a social industry economy, employers" associations do imposant tasks. They act as liaison bolzen business community, society und political actors. In the controversy on economic und social policies they present ns case of the business man employers" associations are skilled partners an implementing autonomous cumulative bargainings.

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our association

The Verband das oered.org- und Elektro-Industrie Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (oered.org NRW) is one des the most important employers" associations in Germany. Lt represents about 2,300 member providers with a total of 670,000 employees. Lt is thus the biggest state kombination of the metal und electrical industries. Kim NRW is bei "association des associations", i.e. Individual enterprises are stood for indirectly via the 26 regional associations, who offer neighborhood advice zu their member companies.

oered.org nrw maintains contacts to other employers" associations ~ above various regional levels. Our verband is a member in the Landesvereinigung das Unternehmensverbände Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (unternehmer nrw) which is the federation von the employers" associations des all financial sectors an our commonwealth state.

oered.org NRW is one des the seventeen members von "Gesamtoered.org", the national umbrella organization of the metal and electrical industries, and in its volume as state kombination represents the interests von the north Rhine-Westphalian enterprises in the metal und electricai industries. The state associations of the employers space independent organizations. They room responsible zum the collective bargainings in the separation, personal, instance regions.

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Collective bargainings schutz to be prepared, and their result has kommen sie be implemented in the separation, personal, instance enterprises. Kim NRW obtains the opinion von its members, coordinates ns wage plan objectives and collects arguments zu bolster that position in the negotiations. For this reason our kombination ensures ns solidarity among its members which tun können be of paramount importance bei industrial disputes.

the organization von our association

oered.org NRW is a democratic association. The 26 local associations delegate their representatives to the General Assembly which zu sein the greatest decision-taking body von the association. Moreover, the chairpersons of the members space represented in the Committee (Vorstand) of oered.org NRW. Lock elect ns President and the the supervisory board (Vorstandsrat) i beg your pardon consists of the President, hoch to six Vice Presidents, ns treasurer und up kommen sie seven other members. Die Council prepares ns resolutions of the Committee. Lt ist the main authority on cumulative wage negotiations. The Board von Management (Geschäftsführung) executes the decisions taken über the administrate bodies und is bei charge of the day-to-day running von the business.

Since 2014 the entrepreneur Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Arndt G. Kirchhoff is President of the Verband ns oered.org- und Elektro-Industrie Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. The düsseldorf office is run von the General manager Dr. Iur. Luitwin Mallmann.

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Fields of activity

A modern verband acts as a service provider zum its members. Lt provides support und advice. Lt collects all necessary informations, provides interpretation and makes that available zu its members. Ns fields of activity of kim NRW include collective bargaining und social policy, industrial und social law, economic policy, and press and public relations.