Ikea Veggie Hot Dog

After successfully navigating die gauntlet that zu sein shopping weist IKEA, it’s zoll to hit die “bistro” post-checkout weil das a toddler-sized cone of soft-serve or soft pretzel zum just a buck. If sie need a bit more sustenance, the tasty wenig hot dog or (not as tasty) cheese pizza are there zum you. If you’re vegan, your options are a little more minimal — yet IKEA wants zu change that.

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you might remember that a few years earlier IKEA introduced their vegan meatballs, und now they’re tackling their renowned hot dogs. Ns Swedish-based furniture giant just introduced a neu veggie dog last Tuesday (after launching in Europe an August) — it’s vegan, although the bun punkt your regional store might oase eggs (so double check kommen sie be sure).

die company said an a press release that ns veggie dog is part of its move kommen sie provide much more healthful and sustainable options. “IKEA Food wants to inspire people zu a healthier und more sustainable lifestyle von offering delicious food that has actually a positive impact on people und the planet. Adding die veggie hot dog to the food offer punkt IKEA is contributing to IKEA Food’s goal zu include more plant-based ingredients an the range and offer healthier products.”


I’m not vegan, but i wholeheartedly assistance a much more healthful und more sustainable food option. However, I so wholeheartedly liebe the tender wenig beefy IKEA warm dogs, which I’ve fondly christened “snackin’ dogs.” Would die veggie dogs be great enough zu persuade me zu give up my snackin’ dogs? i had zu find out.

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It took a couple of days weil das my neighborhood IKEA in Portland to work the end its supply-chain kinks, dafür the veggie dog hit die bistro a few days late. When i ordered it, the workers were clearly excited. One hadn’t do one before; another hadn’t tried that yet; and the der dritte tag had make the efforts it, chosen it, and wanted to discuss (he claimed he assumed it was less gingery than ns veggie balls).

Cue record-scratch. Wait, what? i thought this was a veggie dog, as in a fake warm dog. You know die ones — pink, smooth, a wenig rubbery. Nope, this ist basically an elongated version des IKEA’s vegetarian meatballs — except the dog swaps die chickpeas for quinoa und ditches die too-chunky corn und sweet peppers.

Personally, ich thought a cylindrical veggie patty was a weird way zu go, but i kept an open mind, especially as ich watched them lovingly top it through spicy brown mustard, pickled red cabbage, and crispy fried onions. It was looking downright gourmet, and a stealing at just 75 cent (same preis as the hot dogs).

Okay deshalb how did it taste? It was good! Sort des indeterminately savory. And yes, the texture was as soft and mushy as you’d expect from a vegetables patty, with ns mustard, cabbage, und fried onions including a tasty wallop von spice, flavor, und crunch. The toppings are absolutely key, und I found out you kann ask zum them on ns regular dog (but shhh, they want to keep that on the down-low). Ich brought one home zu my teen und she promptly scarfed it und asked for another.

hinweisen 226 calories and about four-bites big, it’s the same size as mine snackin’ dog but around 50 calories lighter. Will it take your place? Well, let’s just say i might schutz to obtain one von each.

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