Ingress Map Pokemon Go

Pokémon go draws heavily from Ingress, Niantic Labs" earlier ja wirklich world exploration game. Every one supplies players" ar data bei order to point them towards landmarks to visit, places to capture and, in the case des Pokémon Go, various monsters kommen sie collect.

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Niantic/The Pokémon firm around to start playing Pokémon Go? inspect out our guide first!
In Ingress, these are dubbed portals; in Pokémon Go, they"re well-known as PokéStops. However how do freundin know where these PokéStops are in the rest of the world so that you tun können plan your travel accordingly? It transforms out, Ingress theatre a huge role bei figuring the out. Significant players des the earlier game added location data, or intel, to in online database, populating a an international map with various notable locations. That"s why Pokémon Go already knows ns coolest places zum you zu check out in your local area, accompanied with photos.

Niantic told united state that this data has to be "touched up" zum Pokémon Go, but hinweisen launch, players have four years von Ingress data to scrape through. Much of that info is accessible through the Ingress website, i beg your pardon houses a gigantic global intel map pointing zu notable point out around die world, too as much more Ingress-specific data. Zum Pokémon go players, ns important jene to look for are the tür locations.

To access die map, you"ll need kommen sie install Ingress onto her phone. When you"ve collection up in account, you kann then log in into ns Ingress website. There, you"ll find several tools zum Ingress football player — yet we"re here kommen sie talk around Pokémon Go, so we"ll focus on die intel map.

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That map could make your head spin at first blush, however. Thankfully, some fans with endure with both titles have developed ways zu make the process a little bit easier. There"s a web browser extension you kann download zum Chrome und Firefox that wichtig the spots particularly related kommen sie Pokémon Go. An ext detailed accuse are accessible on die Pokémon walk subreddit.

For those interested bei getting further connected with die game"s burgeoning community, Pokémon go players room inviting anyone to add to a detailed google map von PokéStops and gym locations. (Gyms are deshalb found an specific point out around die world.) It"s notfall exhaustive yet, which means now"s a perfect time for trainers zu head the end there und help populate this map themselves.

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Quick warning: Anyone tun können edit the benennen of this publicly available map. Sie may click on it to find something that"s notfall safe for work.

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