Instagram’s story feature zu sein a good way to keep her audience engaged. You kann easily upload multiple bild or video from her gallery. However, if you’re who who mögen collages or die old-school picture booth layout pictures, you wollen like what we oase to share. You tun können now add multiple photos zu one instagram story bei few different ways. Let’s begin.

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Add multiple Photos to One instagram Story

We möchte share apps for both Android und iOS platform und mark them clearly an the heading. Oase fun.

1. Instagram’s photograph Sticker (iOS and Android)

In a current update, instagram introduced die photo sticker option. It permits you to add multiple picture from your gallery together stickers to one instagram story. Let’s lakers how zu use this sticker and add multiple photos to one story.

1. Open Instagram and create a story. Bei this case, I’ve produced a solid shade background using die Create option. Once you do that, insanity on die sticker icon at the top.


2. From ns sticker menu, role down und tap on die photo sticker option (+ sign with 2 cards). This will open the phone’s gallery in the exact same window. Then tap ~ above a picture von your an option to open it bei the story’s background. über repeating ns same process, you kann sein easily add multiple photos in one story. You so have the auswahl to resize and move this pictures all over on ns story canvas.


Do keep in mind that your picture will show up in their original orientation whether it’s a landscape picture or portrait. Currently, there zu sein no limit to die number of photos you tun können upload. Ich tried uploading over ten pictures zu one story und was able kommen sie do that without any issues. If you still haven’t gott the instagram photo sticker update, try ns steps noted below.

2. Photos app Copy/Paste tricks (iOS)

This zu sein one von the many reasons why iOS ist better than Android. Ns Photos anwendung copy/paste trick allows you to add multiple bildern to instagram story directly from the gallery. Every you schutz to do is add a bild to ns story. Next, walk to die Photos app and tap ~ above a picture to select it. Jetzt copy ns picture and open instagram again. Tap ~ above the buchstabe field (Aa) on die top right corner und paste ns picture. That’s it, you tun können simply pinch and zoom or move the images and get creative.


3. Layout from Instagram

This ist Instagram’s main way zu add multiple photos kommen sie a einzel story. Unlike die previous method, you have to add photos kommen sie one einzel collage. So, think about this an easy to use collage app. You tun können add lot of photos, traction photos kommen sie swap position, and so use ns quick resize option.

If you’re someone that doesn’t wish kommen sie move or resize the bildern freely on die story canvas, try Layout.


You so have a ‘Faces’ section in the app that separates every the bildern with a person face. This comes an handy while share memories v friends. As well as that, you tun können mirror/flip bei image and also add boundaries easily.

Get Layout for iOS | Android

4. SwiftKey (Third-Party Keyboard)

If freundin already usage a third-party keyboard, you kann sein try this technique straightaway. If sie don’t oase one, you kann sein install SwiftKey i beg your pardon I’ve used zum this method. Here’s a step-by-step overview you can follow.

1. Download und open SwiftKey. Insanity on the Enable SwiftKey and select Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. Similarly, tap top top Select Swiftkey and choose kommen sie change the default keyboard.

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If sie wish kommen sie use this together your default keyboard, sign-in making use of your Microsoft or google account. You can deshalb use it without signing-in.

2. Open Instagram and add a bild to a story. Jetzt pinch in to resize die image. Tap ~ above the text icon on die top right edge to offen SwiftKey.


3. Select ns sticker icon und tap on die pin button at ns bottom. Jetzt tap ns camera sign and allow storage permission. This möchte allow access kommen sie your phone’s gallery.

4. Select die photo freundin wish zu use und you’re done. You kann now pinch und zoom, drag ns pictures, und make a collage easily.

5. Use a Photo-Editor

You tun können easily include multiple bildern to a single image using a photo redaktion as well. This way, sie get about Layout’s inherent limitations. I do most von my editing and enhancing on Snapseed, but you can pick other photo editing apps zum iOS and Android.

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6. Photobooth Camera Mode

Photobooth zu sein a native function that permits you to add 4 pictures an one story. You kann toggle this setting from ns camera when uploading a story. Wie man you struggle record, it takes 4 pictures an one go. Top top top von that, you deshalb get various filter alternatives such as VHS, film strip, vintage, etc.


Wrap Up: including Multiple Photos zu One instagram Story

I greatly use die Layout app. Firstly, it’s by Instagram which makes it extremely easy for preset aspect ratios. Secondly, it’s simple kommen sie use together it enables you kommen sie edit photos über dragging zu move und resize. I deshalb recommend the third-party keyboard technique for android as over there isn’t a native way around it.