Iphone 5 Frontglas Tauschen

Learn how zu replace your iPhone SE screen. This teil comes with die front assembly, earpiece speaker, and EMI shield currently installed, make for in easier repair.

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All sie need kommen sie do is remove the old screen and transfer ns home taste to the neu screen, an order zum Touch ID to function.

You can also use this guide kommen sie replace die front dashboard assembly cable bracket.


Before freundin proceed, discharge her iPhone battery listed below 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery kann sein catch fire and/or explode if by chance punctured.

If your screen glass is cracked, keep additional breakage contained und prevent bodily harm throughout your repair von taping die glass.

Lay overlapping strips des clear packing eis over ns iPhone"s display until die whole face ist covered.

This will keep glass shards contained and provide structure integrity wie prying und lifting the display.

In die following measures you möchte be pulling die display hoch out des the phone body. Die display ist composed of a glass screen und a plastic bezel with steel clips.

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If the glass begins zu separate from the plastic, as shown in the zuerst image, on slide a plastic opening tool between the plastic frame und the metal phone body zu pry ns metal clips out of the case.

Hold onto your iPhone securely und close the handle of die iSclack to separate die suction cups, pulling ns front panel up from ns rear case.

The iSclack ist designed zu safely offen your iPhone just enough to separate die pieces, but notfall enough to damage die home button cable.

The front panel ist attached with clips, und there are numerous ribbon cables connecting it to ns rest of the phone. Her goal here ist to release the clips and open die phone only enough to disconnect the cables. Go slowly and carefully zu avoid damage.

While holding die iPhone down with one hand, pull trost on die suction cup zu slightly separate die home button end des the front panel from the rear case.

With a plastic opening tool, gently pry die edges of the rear case down, far from die front panel assembly, while freundin pull hoch with the suction cup.

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Do not try to completely remove ns front dashboard assembly from ns rear case, together there room several vulnerable ribbon cables connecting them.