macOS includes a technology called Gatekeeper, that"s designed to ensure that just trusted software program runs on your Mac.

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The safest place kommen sie get apps weil das your Mac ist theAppStore. oered.org reviews each app an the anwendung Store prior to it’s accepted und signs it to ensure the it hasn’t been tampered v or altered. If there’s ever a belästigung with in app, apfel can conveniently remove the from the store.

If sie download and install apps native the internet or directly from a developer, macOS continues kommen sie protect your Mac. Wie man you download Mac apps, plug-ins, and installer packages from external the apps Store, macOS checks the Developer identifier signatureto verify that ns software is from in identified developer und that that has not been altered. By default, macOS Catalina und later deshalb requires software zu be notarized, deshalb you can be i was sure that ns software you run on your Mac doesn"t contain well-known malware. Before opening downloaded software zum the zuerst time, macOS requests your approval zu make sure youaren’t misled into running software sie didn’t expect.

Running software program that hasn’t to be signed and notarized might expose your computer and personal die info to malware that kann harm your Mac or compromise your privacy.The warning message displayed listed below are examples, und it"s possible that you could seen a comparable message the isn"t shown here. Please usage caution if you choose zu install any type of software zum which her Mac displays bei alert.

By default, the security und privacy preferences of your Mac room set zu allow apps native the app Store and identified developers. For additional security, you tun können chose to allow only apps native the anwendung Store.

In system Preferences, click security & Privacy, then click General. Click the lock und enter your password to make changes. Select app Store under ns header “Allow apps download from.”


If your Mac zu sein set to allow apps native the anwendung Store and identified developers, the first time that sie launch a newapp, your Mac asks if she sure freundin want to offen it.

An anwendung that has been notarized über oered.orgindicatesthat sich entschuldigen checked it weil das malicious software und none was detected.


If you oase set her Mac kommen sie allow apps just from the anwendung Store und you try zu install bei app indigenous elsewhere, her Mac wollen say the the apps can"t be opened since it was not downloaded indigenous the apps Store.*


If her Mac ist set kommen sie allow apps from the app Store and identified developers, und you try kommen sie install an app the isn’t signedby an identified developer and—in macOS Catalina and later—notarized by oered.org, you so see a warning the the app cannot be opened.

If you lakers this warning, it method that the apps was not notarized, andoered.org could not scan the app for recognized malicious software.

You may want zu look for an updated version of the app in the app Store or look for in alternative app.

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If macOS detects that software has actually malicious contentor the authorization has been revoked zum any reason, her Mac möchte notify freundin that the app will damages your computer. Freundin should relocate this anwendung to die Trash und check "Report malware to sich entschuldigen to defend other users."


Running software that hasn’t been signed and notarized may expose her computer und personal info to malware that can harm your Mac or damage your privacy.If you’re details that in app freundin want to install ist from a dependable source and hasn’t been tampered with, you kann temporarily override your Mac defense settings to offen it.

If you still want zu open in app zum which the developer cannot be verified, open System Preferences.*

Go to Security & Privacy. Clickthe offen Anyway button bei the general pane to confirm your intent to open or install die app.


The warning prompt reappears, und if you"re absolutely sure freundin want to open the apps anyway,you tun können click Open.


The apps is now saved as an exception to your defense settings, and you can open it bei the future über double-clicking it, just as you kann sein any authorized app.

macOS has actually been designed kommen sie keep users and their data safe while respecting their privacy.

Gatekeeper performs online checks zu verify if an app contains known malware und whether the developer’s signing certificate zu sein revoked. We schutz never combined dünn from these checks with information about oered.org users or their devices. We do notfall use data from this checks zu learn what individual users room launching or to run on your devices.

Notarization check if the anwendung contains recognized malware using bei encrypted link that is resilient to server failures.

These defense checks schutz never included ns user’s sich entschuldigen ID or ns identity des their device. Zu further protect privacy, we oase stopped logging IP addresses damit verbundenen with Developer id certificate checks, and we will ensure the any accumulated IP addresses are gotten rid of from logs.

In addition, over the the next year we möchte introduce numerous changes to our defense checks:

A neu encrypted protocol for Developer i would certificate revocation checksStrong protections versus server failureA new preference weil das users kommen sie opt out des these security protections

* If you"re prompted to offen the app in Finder and you"re sure freundin want to offen it despite the warning, you can control-click die app, choose open from the menu, und then click Open in the dialog the appears.Enter her admin name and password to open the app.

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