Iphone se test connect

When you trying zu connect through someone on your mobile phone, yes nothing more frustrating 보다 a call that drops or a text that nur won’t send. Most civilization who have connectivity difficulties on your phone typically look at ns number of bars top top their residence screen kommen sie check their signal strength. While this can give you a basic idea of how solid or weak your cell signal is, there’s no across-the-board standard for what this bars mean.

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Fortunately, yes a an ext accurate way kommen sie measure her connectivity and it’s appropriate on your iPhone. Review on to learn an ext about ns hidden field test mode top top iPhone, and how kommen sie access it and what the signal strength measurements mean.

Why die Bars on your Cell Phone no Accurate


The connectivity bars on your cell phone room a symbolic representation von signal strength, but they no standardized. 3 bars on her iPhone may be ns same as two bars on a call from one more manufacturer.

The bars only provide you with a relative measurement. 2 bars of signal strength median you oase a stronger signal 보다 if you oase one bar. However, because there’s no actual unit von measurement, sie can’t be particular exactly how solid or weak your signal is.

Industry Standards zum Measuring cell Signal Strength


The standard industry measurement zum cellular signal strength ist decibel milliwatts, or dBm. You can find this measure up on your iPhone only wie man you’re in field test mode.

Field prüfen mode zu sein used by technicians and engineers. Due to the fact that it isn’t a feature that ns iPhone promotes zu customers, sie won’t discover it easily accessible on in app or menu. You oase to beat a series von commands into your phone’s keypad kommen sie enter field prüfung mode, yet it’s fairly straightforward. Stop walk through the process.

How kommen sie Use iphone Field prüfen Mode

There are various ways to enter field prüfung mode, depending upon which version von iOS you’re using. Keep bei mind that the steps may differ slightly due zu the modell of iPhone und cellular carrier, however these instructions should get sie started.

Using Field prüfung Mode top top iOS 11 und Later Versions

Turn off die phone’s WiFi connectionOpen ns Phone appOn ns keypad, dial *3001#12345#*Press call


You must now seen the field test mode menu. Zu view her phone’s signal strength bei dBms zum the nearest moving tower:

Select LTE if given die option. On part iPhones, freundin may be taken straight to ns next step. Select Serving cell Meas.Select rsrp0.


Selecting rsrp0 speak you ns strength des the signal you receiving from the nearest cabinet tower. If sie choose rsrp1, you’re acquiring a reading from a further tower. 

If you are utilizing iOS 14 und later, then die hidden field prüfen mode interface has been redesigned. Zu access field prüfung mode on iOS 14, sie follow die same steps detailed above. You will then be taken to a dashboard whereby you can see her LTE dBm reading and other metric data.


Using Field prüfen Mode on larger Versions des iOS

Follow the instructions over if she using an older version of iOS with AT&T or T-Mobile or an iPhone with bei Intel chipset.

If she using an older version des iOS through Sprint or Verizon, or in iPhone with a Qualcomm chipset, you need to first turn off LTE:

Select Settings.Select Cellular.Select Cellular data Options.Turn allow LTE to die off position.

To see your phone’s signal strength in dBms weil das the nearest moving tower:

Select 1x EV-DO.Scroll to Rx AGCO.


Restarting Field test Mode

Once you’ve confirm your signal strength in field prüfung mode, you may want to compare it kommen sie other areas of your home. Your reading wollen be an ext accurate if you turn off her cellular connection und restart it prior to taking extr readings. 


Put your iPhone into aircraft Mode.Wait around 10 seconds.Turn plane Mode off.

This resets her cellular connection so you tun können take one more measurement an field test mode.

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Exiting Field prüfen Mode ~ above iPhone

When you’re finished measuring her iPhone’s signal strength, you can exit field prüfen mode bei two ways.

Tap the zurück button on the field test mode food selection until you’ve exited ns app.Swipe hoch from the bottom des the screen zu bring hoch the app Switcher, und quickly swipe up to close the app.


If freundin turned off LTE kommen sie enter field prüfung mode, make sure kommen sie turn it back on again. 

Understanding What ns Signal measure Means

Now the you’ve measured her cell phone signal strength, stop talk about what this number means.


The number you lakers displayed weil das the rsrp0 bei field prüfen mode zu sein a measurement an decibel milliwatts. That a negativ number that have to fall bolzen -40 and -130. Ns closer this number zu sein to zero, the stronger die signal, deswegen a signal strength von -60 dBm is stronger 보다 -80 dBm.

There’s another advantage to measuring her signal toughness instead of looking at the bars on her phones. A measurement an dBms can tell sie how much stronger or weaker your cellular link is. A 3-dBm increase is effectively doubling your power, deshalb a cellular signal von -72 dBm is twice as powerful as -75 dBm.

What’s bei Optimal Signal Strength?


Typically, ns strongest signal you tun können obtain on your iPhone is -50 dBm. If you schutz anything much less than -100 dBm, you likely won’t schutz any service.

Here’s a rapid guide kommen sie signal strength:

Excellent: -64 dBm to -50 dBmGood: -65 dBm zu -84 dBmPoor: -85 dBm to -100 dBmVery weak or no signal: -110 dBm

For complete functionality, aim zum a signal strength between -50 dBm and -80 dBm. This should carry out a dependable connection zum calls und data transfer. If her cell strength falls below this range, freundin might want zu consider a cell signal booster bei your home kommen sie ensure an ext reliability.

Why do You schutz a negative Signal?

About 96% von American adults very own a cell phone, according kommen sie Pew Research. Und while deswegen many des us depend on our mobile phones, we can only it is in connected to each various other if our phones schutz a strong enough moving signal. Unfortunately, also if you’re near a cabinet tower, obstacles can get in the way von the radio signals ns tower ist trying zu send zu your phone.

Some von these obstacles include:

Physical obstacles like mountains and treesConstruction materials such together metal, concrete und coated glassBandwidth traffic

You may an alert a difference in signal strength as quickly as freundin step within a auto or building or move zu a different room an your home.

Get a an ext Reliable link With a cabinet Signal Booster 


If die measurements you’ve taken an field prüfen mode show that your iPhone cabinet signal zu sein falling below die optimal threshold zum functionality, take into consideration getting a an ext reliable connection with a cabinet signal booster.

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As lang as there’s an existing cellular signal — even a weak one — you kann install a cabinet signal booster an your home. A cell signal booster kit enhances die signal so you don’t have to worry around dropped phone call or delayed text messages.

There space three main components kommen sie a cabinet signal booster kit:

An outdoor antenna the captures die existing moving signal from die closest towerA booster to amplify the signalAn indoor antenna kommen sie distribute die amplified signal transparent your home or vehicle

oered.org cell signal boosters work across devices und carriers, ensuring that you have a strong, reliable link whenever freundin need it. Browser our complete selection des cell signal boosters according kommen sie your needs:

 All oered.org signal boosters room FCC compliant, and many include installation. Take a look at at the solutions we market to see which one ist the best fit for you.