Every parent wants kommen sie know if their youngsters are gifted children or if they oase special needs. IQ prüfung are one of the finest ways zu measure their intelligence und adjust their learning requirements according kommen sie their IQ scores.

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IQ Tests zum Children

There are assorted IQ tests for kids the end there, unfortunately, not all von them are reliable. Here are our free IQ tests weil das kids, teens, and adults the you and your children kann sein take.




After you schutz completed die test, you should read ns following instructions. We have shared important die info about intelligence tests und IQ scores.


A ja wirklich IQ test kann only be brought out an a distinct environment, with expert guidance und reliable proven tests. Stanford-Binet, Wechsler, and Leiter room some des the tests conducted under expert supervision. Weil das this reason, the testen you find on die internet über searching "take online IQ test" may notfall give realistic results.

If you want to test the knowledge skills of your kid or your very own with your very own resources, you tun können use scientific App. is in intelligence practice application tested von the mental health association und certified together a pedagogical product. One des the most vital features ist that you can view your scores in graphs und compare them v your peers.

Start Now does not give you your IQ score. That offers you a comparable IQ test which compares her mental an abilities with all users and your peers. Moreover, that provides sie reports in 5 different areas separately which are attention, memory, logic, visual und verbal skills.

What Is in Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test?

The IQ Test ist used kommen sie measure an individual"s psychological skills an numerical values through a series des standardized tests.

With the following intelligence tests, you kann measure your very own or her child"s mental skills in five different areas. These areas are attention, memory, visual, verbal und logical-mathematical fields.


What zu sein the mean IQ Score?

IQ Scores kann sein say a gewächs of dinge about your children’s personality, discovering capabilities, and of course, intelligence.


Parents tend kommen sie search “What ist the typical IQ for a 13-year-old?” or “What ist the average IQ zum a 10-year-old?”. Die key point to remember is that all experiment are designed to get bei average score von 100 zum people of all ages.

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Current typical IQ noten vary bolzen 85 and 115 (about 68% des people). Ns remaining 32% des people have either a really low IQ (below 70%) or a an extremely high IQ (above 130).

However, according zu a research published von NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), die average IQ score increases von about 13 point out every decade. Therefore, IQ prüfung are redesigned kommen sie achieve 100 clues as in average.

Below zu sein a table des the IQ score classification des the Stanford-Binet knowledge Scale:

IQ ScoreCorrespondence
145 - 160 Very gifted or extremely advanced
130 - 144 Gifted or really advanced
120 - 129 Superior
110 - 119 High average
90 - 109 Average
80 - 89 Low average
70 - 79 Borderline impaired or delayed
55 - 69 Mildly impaired or delayed
40 - 54 Moderately impaired or delayed

The most Reliable IQ Tests

Intelligence is a versatile and dynamic concept dafür it’s notfall necessarily accurate zu distil it right into a einzel number. It need to be provided that the score obtained von the IQ test actually reflects logical und verbal intelligence.

However, the definieren of intelligence ist much an ext than just verbal und logical skills. Howard Gardner"s theory von multiple intelligences support this idea. For example, it may be necessary kommen sie perform a certain visual intelligence test to measure visual intelligence. Therefore, many different tests have been developed.

Stanford-Binet, Wisc-r und Leiter intelligence prüfung are die most widely-used prüfung worldwide. All des these tests are brought out bei the visibility of in expert. If you want to prüfung your child"s mental skills, you kann sein use, a pedagogical product approved von the Mental health Association.

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Which IQ Test ist Used zum What?

Before your child takes in online IQ test zum kids, keep bei mind that tests differ according zu their measurements und the age kopieren, gruppe the son belongs to. For instance, ns IQ test for kids und the IQ test zum teens schutz different requirements. Therefore, below are some of the most renowned IQ tests that you und your children kann take according to your needs.

1. Stanford-Binet knowledge Test

This test kann be used to identify both gifted children and children with pundit disabilities. It is applied to 2-16-year-old children. This scale, developed von Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon, actions intelligence throughout four different areas:

bild Verbal an abilities Quantitative referee

2. Wisc-r intelligence Test

This zu sein a prüfen that measures children"s cognitive skills by evaluating your ability zu understand, comprehend und apply what they schutz learned. Suitable weil das children age 6 to 16 years old, ns Wisc-r intelligence scale consists of IQ prüfen questions an two categories:

Performance knowledge questions (includes 6 subtests under this category) verbal intelligence questions (includes 6 subtests under this category)

3. Leiter Intelligence Test

The leiter Intelligence Scale zu sein a type des performance test that zu sein suitable for individuals aged 2-18 year old. It ist a non-language based prüfen that steps mental locations such as visual skills, perception und attention. Subheadings include:

Clutch Pairing thinking Choosing ns Difference

4. knowledge Test supports ns development of children’s’ mental an abilities with category-based intelligence games and offers in IQ test zum all ages. The app can compare her child’s performance versus their peers across five various areas. These areas, for which so provides performance reports, are as follows:

Concentration skills Memory an abilities Visual intelligence verbal intelligence

How zu Calculate die IQ prüfung Score

The most vital feature des intelligence tests is to recognize a reference point and interpret the results derived from the prüfung according to this recommendation point. In this sense, we can talk around reference point out such together “real age” und “age of intelligence”.

Example: Imagine 500 8-year-old kids who participate in in intelligence test. I think that ns average test score ist 80/100. In this case, it kann sein be suspect that youngsters with bei individual score des over 80 space smarter than their peers. Individuals with a score of 80 are considered to schutz normal intelligence, if those below 80 room considered zu be behind your peers.

The online intelligence tests above usage a similar logic the comparative performance report from the intelligence prüfung shows ns results des the children von the same period as a referral point.


Here are die answers to ns FAQ around IQ tests zum kids.

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IQ prüfung provides a measurement of children"s discovering abilities and intelligence type. Based on IQ scores, parents can plan zu achieve ns most feasible outcome des their children"s potentials or take ideal steps zu support youngsters with any kind of mental disabilities.