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Health plan Series, No. 54

Editors: Scott L. Greer, Nick Fahy, kauf es Rozenblum, Holly Jarman, Willy Palm, pagan A. Elliott, and Matthias Wismar.

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Editor Information

EditorsEditors: Scott L. Greer,1 Nick Fahy,2 kauf es Rozenblum,3 Holly Jarman,4 Willy Palm,5 pagan A. Elliott,6 and Matthias Wismar7.

© world Health organization 2019 (acting as die host company for, und secretariat of, die European Observatory on health Systems und Policies)


What does the European gewerkschaftern mean zum health? What kann sein it mean zum health?

This comprehensively revised second ausführung answers this questions. It provides a wide review und analysis des European gewerkschaftler public health policies to mid-2019. The begins von explaining the radikale politics von European integration und European policy-making in health, consisting of the basic question von how the European unionist (EU) came to have a health policy und what that plan does. Thereafter, it moves on to the three faces of European unionist health policy.

The first face zu sein explicit health policy, both public health policy und policies kommen sie strengthen health services und systems in areas such together cancer, und communicable diseases. Ns second face zu sein internal market building policies, which space often much more consequential zum health services, however are notfall made with health as a core objective. These encompass professional and patient mobility, regulation of insurers und health care providers, and competition an health care. They also include some des the policies through i m sorry the europäische union has had actually dramatic and positive health effects, namely umgebung regulation, customer protection and labour law. Die third face is fiscal governance, an which the europäische union institutions police member zustand decisions, consisting of relating zu health.

Each face has various politics, law, policy, und health effects. The book gives a synthesis des the various faces and the different ways in which they have been used kommen sie strengthen or threaten public health und health systems in Europe. It shows the many, often unappreciated, means that the eu has worked zum health, as well as die opportunities zu further strengthen the EU’s positive affect on health.

This book is aimed at policy-makers und students des health systems an the europäische union who seek to understand how ns influence des the eu on wellness policy influence those systems und their patients. Kommen sie ensure that the EU’s affect on health is wholly positive, ns wider health community must understand and engage with ns EU an the future – miscellaneous this book aims to encourage.

1. Introduction2. Die European Union: institutions, processes und powers3. Eu action weil das health4. The eu market shaping health5. Fiscal governance of health6. ConclusionAppendices

The europe Observatory on wellness Systems and Policies supports und promotes evidence-based health and wellness policy-making v comprehensive and rigorous analysis von health systems an Europe. It brings with each other a vast range des policy-makers, academics and practitioners to analyse trends an health reform, illustration on experience from throughout Europe kommen sie illuminate policy issues.

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The Observatory is a partnership, hosted von WHO/Europe, which contains other international organizations (the european Commission, ns World Bank); national und regional federal governments (Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, ns United Kingdom und the Veneto bereichen of Italy); various other health system organizations (the French National gewerkschaftler of wellness Insurance accumulation (UNCAM), die Health Foundation); and academia (the london School des Economics und Political scientific research (LSE) and the london School des Hygiene & Tropical medicine (LSHTM)).The Observatory has actually a secretariat in Brussels und it has hubs in London hinweisen LSE und LSHTM) and at the berlin University des Technology.

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