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Explore critical charme updated daily

Examine die pandemic v a variety des topics: demographics, hereditary sequencing, windy policies, hospitalizations, instance trends, und more.

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U.S. State säule Availability

Which states have released breakdowns of covid-19 data by race?

Visual representations des released state data.

Reporting Frequencies

State reporting Frequencies

Compare die various frequencies U.S. States employ zum reporting top top pandemic data. Says are changing their reporting to different cadences, i beg your pardon impacts the ability zu spot fashionable trends.

The find For covid-19 Variants

Sequencing the genome von SARS-CoV-2 enables scientists to identify emerging variants

Variant monitoring helps determine if emerging mutations are er hob the virologe more contagious or resistant zu existing vaccines und medicines.


Weekly Hospitalization Trends

What is the trend in COVID-19 related hospitalizations?

A look at at the 7-day trend bei overall and Covid-19-specific hospitalization occupancy data


State Timeline

Timeline of covid19 policies, cases, und deaths in your state

A look at how society distancing measures may have influenced trends in COVID-19 cases und deaths

New Cases of COVID-19 an US States

Have says flattened the curve?

See if neu cases are increasing or decreasing as says reopen.

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New Cases

Have nations flattened the curve?

Daily evidenced new covid19 cases for the most influenced countries end time.

Hubei Timeline

How did events unfold an Hubei, China?

Major events and actions taken an Hubei Province at the start of the outbreak.

Animated Maps

Where are covid19 cases increasing?

Animations depicting täglich confirmed new cases und cumulative cases.

Cumulative Cases

How is the outbreak growing?

Cumulative shown cases und deaths for the 20 most affected countries end time.

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Mortality Analyses

How walk mortality differ across countries?

Examining ns number von deaths über confirmed case und per 100,000 population. A global comparison.