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Surely, no one thought of this procedure before! HBO
sam starting ns process von treatment zum Ser Jorah Mormont’s greyscale in “Stormborn” made for one des the much more outright venomous segments des Game des Thrones in some time (and yes, ich say that also while remembering the season premiere’s chamber pot montage).

The vision (and sound) of Sam skin Jorah’s diseased skin clean turn off his chest while his geduldig muffled pained screams was viscerally gross, especially once the scene transitioned through a seamless enhance cut kommen sie a specifically cheeky shot des someone digging right into a gushing chicken pot pie. However it was so illuminating as to how one of the many mysterious ailments on Game von Thrones might be cured — und honestly, ns answer ist a little underwhelming.

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Per a study brunnen swiped from die maesters’ library at the Citadel, ns spread of greyscale tun können be stopped by peeling off the scaled skin und applying a unique salve to the raw flesh des the impacted areas. Sure, the einer who wrote ns study reportedly died von greyscale if performing die procedure — therefore leading kommen sie its ban — but kommen sie on. It is it?

This solution, kommen sie be blunt, feels like a bit of a cop-out after Game des Thrones has actually spent dafür much time telling us that this contagious disease zu sein essentially in automatic death sentence.

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SAM: i think I kann sein cure your grayscale.JORAH: How?SAM: von doing ns most apparent thing.JORAH:SAM: literally what in animal would certainly try

— Owen Ellickson (

And according to die Game of Thrones production entwurf team — which has released pictures von the publication Sam zu sein consulting, along with some von the letters checked out throughout “Stormborn” — die salve kommen sie be used post-scale removal zu sein made of, well, some pretty basic stuff.

After seasons von hearing about how terrible greyscale is und how yes sir no repeatedly proven way zum someone zu save themselves as soon as they’ve contract this at some point dangerous disease, Jorah Mormont zu sein about kommen sie get treatment v a mixture von skin surgery plus pine tree resin, elder twig bark, beeswax, and olive oil.

This cure has actually eluded Westeros scientists for centures, apparently! HBO If this most mysterious procedure weren’t the cure zum greyscale, that would so make a pretty exciting candle.