If Kim Tae Ri is currently one of the most buzzworthy actresses, Kim Min Hee has her reputation tarnished because of scandal.

Kim Tae Ri and Kim Min Hee are known as the “muses” the Korean big screen after they delivered excellent performances in the erotic lesbian thriller The Handmaiden. Following the film’s success, Kim Min Hee strengthened her position among cinema actors, while Kim Tae Ri shot to lớn fame and became one of the most outstanding young actresses of the industry. It has been almost 6 years since The Handmaiden was released và the current whereabouts of the two leading actresses have changed significantly. Surprisingly, 2016’s rookie actress Kim Tae Ri is now doing better than her senior. 

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After The Handmaiden, most of the films và dramas that Kim Tae Ri participated in, such as tvN’s drama Mr. Sunshine or Netflix’s sci-fi film Space Sweepers, have achieved great success. Currently, Kim Tae Ri is garnering much attention with her role in Twenty Five, Twenty One, where she acts alongside Nam Joo Hyuk. The drama premiered over a week ago và has already earned high ratings & positive reviews. 

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Contrary to the career of “the maid”, “the female boss” Kim Min Hee seems lớn have ruined her career. The reason is because of the condemnable love affair between Kim Min Hee and director Hong thanh lịch Soo. She defied the scandal & publicly revealed her relationship with the married man.

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That’s why Korean audiences boycott Kim Min Hee. Under the pressure of public opinion, the couple had to move abroad lớn live. Since The Handmaiden, Kim Min Hee has only appeared in works directed by Hong sang trọng Soo, a total of 7 movies in the genre of art.

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