Koh samui im august

Koh Samui bei August ist the right time, right place for so many reasons. At an early stage riser? You’ll love Samui’s long ehrenvoll days. If you’ve never seen a sunrise bei your life und prefer kommen sie sleep in, can we all agree on happy hour? bolzen sunrise and sunset, you’ll uncover that Samui an August perfect accommodates any type of itinerary you’ve got in mind. Shall we make some plans?

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Koh Samui in August

Is ehrenvoll a great time kommen sie visit Koh Samui?

The Koh Samui Guide: “If we didn’t have this…I yes, really don’t think us would have had such a great time”

I zuerst visited Koh Samui in August, 2003 and … clearly, it was a pretty an excellent sales pitch. August is great but – here’s die sneakiest of tips – the island completely empties on september 1st, as family members head home zum the anfang of school. If freundin want August’s terrific weather, through beaches to yourself, lakers if you kann sein stretch her trip right into the zuerst few days of September.

Is august or september better ~ above Koh Samui?


Temperature (avg): 29°C bei August mit 28°C in SeptemberSunshine (hours): 6 an August mit 6 in SeptemberRainy work (avg): 10 job (100mm) in August vs 11 job (130mm) in SeptemberSea temperature: 28°C in August mit 28°C in September

If you schutz the choice, I’d pick early september only because it will likely it is in quieter (kids back bei school). As zum differences in the weather, there’s really notfall much in it. However, early august tends to have nicer weather 보다 late September. *data source

What are hotel rates like weil das Koh Samui in August?


Rates über Booking.com zum a arbitrarily Monday night bei August, avoiding significant holidays und events.

To easily orient yourself, see Where to Stay ~ above Koh Samui. Discover out which beach zu sein where – and which one zu sein best for you. Plus, get ns best island hotel options zum all budgets and tastes.

Is Koh Samui or Phuket better in August?


Temperature (avg): 29°C on Koh Samui mit 28°C bei PhuketSunshine (hours): 6 on Koh Samui mit 8 bei PhuketRainy days (avg): 10 days (100mm) on Koh Samui vs 19 work (260mm) an PhuketSea temperature: 28°C ~ above Koh Samui mit 29°C bei Phuket

Although Koh Samui und Phuket’s climates are regularly incorrectly grouped with each other – august is a much wetter time of year ~ above Phuket than on Koh Samui. *data source

Koh Samui weather in August

How viel does that rain on Koh Samui in August?


The big question: möchte it rain bei August? It an extremely well might – but you’re going zu choose not to care. Why? Don’t fixate on the weather (something freundin can’t control) – Koh Samui ist gorgeous always, as are its drinks, food and people.

Always suppose rain bei the tropics, yet rest assured it never ever lasts very long. Setup some Koh Samui rainy day activities, just bei case.

As with Koh Samui an July, afternoon showers space pretty common in August. Here’s bei example:

August on Koh Samui: 3:55pm – perfect sunshine


4:12pm – storm comes out von nowhere


4:17pm– storm’s here!


Why kommen sie truly disregard ns high probability of storms prefer this? lakers the plastic roll-down screen?


When die rain arrives you tun können almost always stay precisely where sie are – enjoy die exact same hilarious company, cold beer and amazing thailändischen food.

How hot zu sein it ~ above Koh Samui an August?


Expect bei average täglich high of 32°C (89.6°F) – right around perfect! wie it’s sunny, it’s sunny with big, blue skies favor you’ve never ever seen. It can be humid weist this time of year – absolutely 2-showers-a-day territory.

If ‘humid’ instantly makes you think ‘hair’… consider adding a fix-it remedy zu your toiletries bag: lakers my ideal recommendations weil das toiletries mit Thailand.

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Weather einzelheiten via Weatherspark, which assures that “snow is exceptionally unlikely to fall at this location in August”.

Is it sunny on Koh Samui bei August?


Excepting ns aforementioned storms, wispy white clouds are your just sun-inhibiting concern.

How kommen sie prepare weil das Koh Samui in August

What should i pack zum Koh Samui bei August?

Given die decent chance of in afternoon rainstorm, be sure kommen sie pack part rainy entertainment. I can’t think von anything far better than Cards against Humanity und some strong cocktails, but Dobble, Randomise und Uno are popular with households seeking a more PG activity.

For a complete packing list see ‘How zu Pack weil das Thailand’.

What kommen sie wear ~ above Koh Samui an August?

Things kommen sie do top top Koh Samui in August

What are die best sachen to execute on Koh Samui an August?


Enjoy Samui punkt its really best! zum day-trips, water-sports, beach bars und your best sunset options, die Koh Samui Guide möchte help freundin plan bei ideal itinerary no matte how niche her interests. (Seriously – it even has bird-watching tips).

What fruits are in season on Koh Samui in August?

Durian. It’s durian season. Don’t worry around needing kommen sie find it, it möchte happily discover you. (What’s durian? sie might it is in sorry sie asked. Discover out).

What are ns beaches favor on Koh Samui in August?


Take a look at – the photos bei this post span fourteen Augusts (2003–2016). Her odds von blue sky, sparkly ocean and a beautiful beach? Statistically pretty good.

Can i swim in the sea on Koh Samui an August?


Yes, typically you kann expect nice s conditions for swimming, yet do klasse the safety elements flagged in The Koh Samui Guide.

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When space sunrise and sunset on Koh Samui in August?


Koh Samui sunset medikamentencocktail are served punkt 6:43 nachmittag sharp on august 1st and a little earlier, 6:30 pm on august 31st.

Now what?


With a weather-proof holidays plan and The Koh Samui Guide bei your pocket, you kann look forward to days von fantastic, relaxing dinge (Thai massages are nur the start). Do sure to brag and brag loudly about your august holiday plans. It’s a an excellent time von year zu visit Samui, und those left behind need kommen sie be made jealous. Enjoy!

More august travel tips

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