Kurs Britische Pfund In Euro

Sending money abroad has never to be easier

Trust Wise zu get it whereby it needs zu be at the best feasible rate.

Du schaust: Kurs britische pfund in euro

Large global transfers, designed to save sie money

Wise takes the stress out des sending big amounts von money abroad — helping freundin save weil das the necessary things.

Trusted über millions of customers globally

Join much more than 6 million world who gain a far better deal when they send money v Wise.

The more you send, die more freundin save

With ours tiered pricing for large amounts, you get a lower fee on any transfers over 100,000 GBP.

Extra certain transactions

We use two factor authentication to protect your account. That method only you can get kommen sie your money.

Banks und other transfer services oase a dirty little secret. They include hidden markups zu their exchange rates - charging freundin more without your knowledge. And if they schutz a fee, lock charge freundin twice.

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Wise never ever hides fees bei the exchange rate. Us give you the echt rate, independently provided über Reuters. Compare our rate und fee with Western Union, ICICI Bank, WorldRemit und more, and see the difference for yourself.

Sending 1000.00 GBP withRecipient gets(Total after fees)Transfer feeExchange rate(1 GBP → EUR)


1166.43 EURSave up zu 48.65 EUR3.69 GBP1.17075Mid-market rate
1166.15 EUR- 0.28 EUR2.99 GBP1.16965
1153.86 EUR- 12.57 EUR0.00 GBP1.15386
1150.51 EUR- 15.92 EUR1.99 GBP1.15281
1145.85 EUR- 20.58 EUR0.00 GBP1.14585
1142.21 EUR- 24.22 EUR25.00 GBP1.17150Mid-market rate
1142.20 EUR- 24.23 EUR7.00 GBP1.15026
1135.71 EUR- 30.72 EUR0.00 GBP1.13571

We’re on a aufgabe to bring transparency zu finance, for civilization without borders. We charge as little as possible, and we always show you upfront. No hidden fees. No wanne exchange rates. No surprises. How do we collection this data?

Choose your currencies

Click on ns dropdown kommen sie select GBP in the first dropdown as die currency that sie want zu convert und EUR bei the 2nd drop down as ns currency sie want zu convert to.

That’s it

Our currency converter will zeigen you the current GBP kommen sie EUR rate und how it’s changed over the past day, week or month.

Banks regularly advertise free or low-cost transfers, but include a surprise markup zu the exchange rate. Wise offers you the real, mid-market, exchange rate, so you tun können make large savings top top your international money transfers.


Conversion prices British pound Sterling / Euro
1 GBP1.17096 EUR
5 GBP5.85480 EUR
10 GBP11.70960 EUR
20 GBP23.41920 EUR
50 GBP58.54800 EUR
100 GBP117.09600 EUR
250 GBP292.74000 EUR
500 GBP585.48000 EUR
1000 GBP1170.96000 EUR
2000 GBP2341.92000 EUR
5000 GBP5854.80000 EUR
10000 GBP11709.60000 EUR

Conversion rates euro / British lb Sterling
1 EUR0.85400 GBP
5 EUR4.27000 GBP
10 EUR8.54000 GBP
20 EUR17.08000 GBP
50 EUR42.70000 GBP
100 EUR85.40000 GBP
250 EUR213.50000 GBP
500 EUR427.00000 GBP
1000 EUR854.00000 GBP
2000 EUR1708.00000 GBP
5000 EUR4270.00000 GBP
10000 EUR8540.00000 GBP

Top currencies

EUREuroGBPBritish pound SterlingUSDUS DollarINRIndian RupeeCADCanadian DollarAUDAustralian DollarCHFSwiss FrancMXNMexican Peso1EUREuro1GBPBritish pound Sterling1USDUS dollar 1INRIndian Rupee
0.011700.009990.013201 0.016910.018510.012180.27728

Beware of wanne exchange rates.

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Banks and traditional service providers often have extra costs, which lock pass to you by marking up the austausch rate. Our clever tech way we’re more efficient – which means freundin get a great rate. Every time.