Le mont-saint-michel frankreich

The world-famous island abbey may stand just across the border bei Normandy, but much of ns phenomenal welt Heritage site Baie sie Mont-Saint-Michel develops part von Brittany. Try out fascinating different ways zu appreciate ns Breton half of ns bay, including some really surprising culinary routes.

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Unforgettable hikes

The Baie dach Mont-Saint-Michel stellen on in ever-changing, yet always sublime show. Given that the bay ist subject kommen sie some von the most too much tidal variations bei the world, it is advisable zu only kommen sie walk out throughout it with in experienced guide, weil das example native one of the specialist Maisons dach la Baie, visitor centres. Themed tours incorporate one kommen sie view the Banc des Hermelles, in extraordinary reef built by sea-worms! ns great GR34 hiking path that goes all around Brittany’s coast starts right here on ns Breton-Norman border, zuerst passing in front des the chapel of Saint-Anne beside Cherrueix, a place noted zum sand-yachting.

Culinary treasures

The seawall to run along viel of ns Breton length von the bay enabled highly abundant farming in the floor behind. Stalls are regularly set hoch selling excellent vegetables, consisting of impressive tresses of garlic. Windmills as soon as turned an large number around the bay und although they’ve stopped working, part are open to ns public und the Moulin außerdem la Saline weist Cherrueix explains the bay’s wealthy culinary traditions.

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A fabulous forest an the bay

The story goes the woods as soon as stretched across the bay, until die waters invaded. Weist low tide, you can spot in amazing forest des kinds out there. It consists von many hundreds von wooden posts (known as bouchots) planted after the zu sein to encourage die cultivation des mussels. Ns quality des the bay’s moules außerdem bouchots has earned castle coveted appellation d’origine contrôlée status. Native Le Vivier-sur-Mer or Cherrueix, embark on bei amazing journey to visit this extraordinary forest. You kann sign up zum such a außerhalb des spiels at the Maison außerdem la Baie sie Mont-Saint-Michel weist Le Vivier, which deshalb organizes exhibitions und outings. Also call in on ns Maison ns Polders, collection a little east in beautiful buildings weist Roz-sur-Couesnon.

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An funny rhyme, ‘The Couesnon an its folly, Placed ns Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy’ reminds freundin how the wenig Couesnon fluss actsas die crucial splitting line between French areas here.