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“Let’s Dance”: Because of Christina Luft? Luca Hänni enthusiastically “I will notfall clarify anything”

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Let’s tanzen (RTL): ns rumors about ns two “Let’s Dance” stars Luca Hänni and Christina luft are persistent. But die former DSDS winner seems increasingly annoyed von it. Now the singer zu sein taking a radical step.

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Luca Hänni (25) und Christina atmosphäre (30) finished third on “Let’s Dance”There are constantly rumors of love zum the two rtl starsIt ist now too colorful zum Luca Hänni – the singer take away a radical step

Zurich – die RTL tanzen show “Let’s Dance” zu sein 13 year old. Whether by jurors, moderators or candidates – neu stories are written every year. In addition to die participation of michael Wendler’s wife Laura Müller in “Let’s Dance” over all, certain Luca Hänni and Christina luft made ns headlines – even today.

The former DSDS-Winner und the expert dancer were die dream couple von this year’s “Let’s Dance” season. Die two got on well notfall only top top the sprung floor und came to the grand letzte of ns TV show. Native a human being perspective, the two were on ns same wavelength right from ns start. Ns two room still in touch today, which tun können be followed on social media.

But how viel actually goes between the two “Let’s Dance” stars ist something only die two themselves know. Luca Hänni has been increasingly annoyed lately on ns ongoing rumors around him and Christina Luft. Now he zu sein taking a radical step.

How Luca Hänni und Christina luft enthused rtl viewers top top “Let’s Dance”

This year’s season of “Let’s Dance” (Let’s sprung (RTL): this are die previous winners des the dance show) on rtl had a gewächs to offer. Spectators, candidates and jurors agreed on this. Motsi mabus said bei the final: “This is the finest final des all time.” She was right, die three bag were just too strong. An the end, ns votes des the rtl viewers had zu decide on the winner of season 13. Massimo Sinato und Lili Paul-Roncalli were lastly able kommen sie win the “Let’s Dance” trophy big up.

Nameluca Haenni
BornOctober 8, 1994, Bern, Switzerland
parentsMarianne Schmid, andreas Hänni
siblingsCyril Schmid, Annina Hänni

Many von the viewers would oase preferred Luca Hänni and Christina luft to success “Let’s Dance” (RTL) in May wanted. Ns two were very strong right from ns start und each won the day’s victory bei the quarter and semi-finals. However, the jury around Joachim Llambi was not satisfied with the zuerst two dances in the final, deshalb the former DSDS winner had to be inhalt with third place.

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Luca Hänni und Christina atmosphäre were the strongest couple bei the quarter-finals of “Let’s Dance”

But Luca Hänni notfall only won die hearts of RTL viewers this year. With skilled dancer Christina Luft, he met a very important person in his life. Ns two acquire along yes, really well They dance music video for “Diamant” and look choose a newly an love couple.

Let’s dance (RTL): Luca Hänni annoyed by the love rumors

But both Luca Hänni und “Let’s Dance” experienced dancer Christina luft emphasize again und againthat they’re nur friends. Und the previous DSDS winner seems progressively annoyed von the consistent speculation. Und so ns singer do his displeasure clear in an interview with ns SRF (Swiss radio and television).

Of die “Let’s Dance” stern was a guest v Urs Gredig. Since 2020, the moderator has welcomed famous guests kommen sie his TV talk show “Gredig direkt”. Und the singer spoke very openly about his life, his career und the rumors about himself und Christina Luft. “I will not clarify anything und I will not address it punkt all,” claimed Luca Hänni when asked by Urs Gredig about his connection with the professional dancer.

Such speculations are also the “dark side” if you are very successful together a singer. “I haven’t seen what is currently going on bei the media in eight years,” claims Luca Hänni. And so is jetzt fixed for the “Let’s Dance” starthat he zu sein taking a radical step. He wollen withdraw somewhat from social media: “I oase to delimit what ich show and what i don’t.” This step deshalb has to do v Christina Luft.

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