The oberteil neurosurgeon who is overseeing F1 legend michael Schumacher’s instance recently opened hoch on just how his die geduld was doing, offering his fans throughout die world a glimpse right into what they kann expect. The schumacher family has dafür far chosen not to re-superstructure any einzelheiten with die public deswegen this new die info is a rare occasion whereby F1 fans get to learn an ext about Schumacher.

Du schaust: Liegt michael schumacher noch im koma

Most prominent as a Ferrari driver, schumacher suffered a terrible accident six years ago, on December 29, 2013, if skiing the left him in a irreversible coma; he sustained near-fatal brain injuries together a result von hitting the right side of his head ~ above a rock an a fall that ruined his helmet, if skiing in the French Alps.

Update on michael Schumacher’s problem

It is fast approaching some 7 years jetzt since Michael Schumacher had that destructive skiing accident in the French Alps, und I in sure the all fan of that F1 gyeongju legend, oase the date of that accident, the being die 29th von December 2013 etched right into their minds.

Having made the respectful decision kommen sie keep his progress to recovery a personal and private matter, his family schutz reported kommen sie those the constantly ask about his condition that he is comfortable.

He zu sein of kurse now 51 years old, and let us not forget that he was an a serious method after the accident, bei fact that wasn’t until 6 full months after die accident the he woke from his median induced coma, which wollen give sie some idea des the severity des that accident.

What we carry out know ist that michael Schumacher can und does now have visitors zu his bedside regularly, and his near friends schutz been known to visit when or also twice a month, and one friend did mention recently the he zu sein a fighter und keeps fighting each day.

He has so been defined as being very comfortable und is being exceptionally well cared zum too, and we must rejoice in those words, zum no matter how you look hinweisen his accident it was one that could oase ended viel worse, und the road to recovery ist without a shadow des a doubt going to be a lang one.

Concerns oase of course deshalb been raised recently due zu Covid-19 and whether he ist at risk von catching the virus, but sources have revealed, those that care zum him oase put into place a complete raft of measures to ensure the isn’t put an harm’s way.

With a vaccine, in fact several different vaccines zum that virus jetzt either having been given approval zum public usage or are about zu be, michael would be classed together someone who ist likely zu be high nach oben on the list of first recipients von that vaccine.

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It is so very famed that those that care for Michael have ensured no cost has to be spared kommen sie ensure he in a very comfortable location surrounded von the very best and moat comfortable fixtures and fittings, und that go of kurse mean he zu sein not going kommen sie want for anything.

One recent development that is positive and will assist give you an idea von Michael’s present condition, ist that it has actually recently to be revealed the he zu sein now keeping a nearby eye und monitoring his son’s increase through ns ranks von motorsport newly joining Haass ahead des the new formula 1 season following year. His son Michael zu sein a chip turn off the alt block zum sure dafür to speak und is law his dad proud through his racing job currently.

Another thing that has just happened that I in sure michael will be fully aware of is that his record von 7 welt Championship titles was recently matched von Lewis Hamilton, thanks kommen sie Hamilton’s recent success bei the Turkish grand Prix.

The schumacher Family ~ above
LewisHamilton win his 91st GP, equalling Michael’s record: big congrats, bei impressive achievement des a good driver. We cannot deny we would schutz loved for Michael zu hold those records, however as he constantly used to say: documents are there zu be broken.

— michael Schumacher (
schumacher) October 11, 2020

I in sure prefer me, you wish michael all ns very best zum the future, and whilst his road to recovery ist a slow-moving one, may his health and wellness improve day by day, und we all pray weil das him.

Original Story

While schumacher has woken up from ns coma, Nicola Acciari, a Bologna-based neurosurgeon, warned that he ist now a an extremely different person due to his injuries and will notfall even it is in remotely similar zu how millions of fans remember him in his heyday.

For ns past sechs years, schumacher has been attended to von his spouse Corinna, as well as their kids Gina-Marie, 22, und Mick, 20. Ns family lives in a mansion weist Lake Geneva an Switzerland.

Updates on Schumacher’s condition schutz been sparse in the year after die accident. The latest revelation occurred last year, wie Schumacher’s former Ferrari manager, Jean Totdt shown that his restore was ausblüten ongoing after visiting die seven-time world champion to watch a TV-broadcast of the großartiger Prix at his home. Totd praised Schumacher’s fighting spirit, as well as the quality des care the receives punkt home, despite he admitted that schumacher remained unable kommen sie communicate with others substantively.

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Last year, Willi Weber, Schumacher’s friend and old manager, accused Corinna of deceiving die public regarding her spouse’s condition. Weber report that, despite his entreaties zu visit Schumacher, Corinna refuse his requests. Weber speculated the Corinna does not allow visitors kommen sie continue hiding ns truth from the public.

Schumacher’s problem Remains carefully Guarded zu Fans

In september 2019, schumacher went zu Paris zum a stem cell transfusion intended to control inflammation. A staffer from die Georges-Pompidou hospital was quoted stating that schumacher was conscious, which was repeated von a nurse from die cardiology department des the same hospital.

Schumacher has been confined kommen sie his residence since september 2014, whereby he receives consistent care and monitoring. Couple of concrete to update on Schumacher’s conditions have emerged; a few close friends oase visited him throughout die years, however no one has publicly talked on die former driver’s health.