Little britain im tv

BBC claims that ‘times have changed’ as it gets rid of the matter Lucas und David Walliams sketch zeigen from the streaming service


David Walliams, left, and Matt Lucas have both claimed that lock wouldn’t make a comedy like wenig Britain now, as it would certainly upset too many people. Photograph: ian Derry/BBC THREE/IAN DERRY
David Walliams, left, and Matt Lucas oase both said that castle wouldn’t make a comedy like little Britain now, as it would upset auch many people. Photograph: ian Derry/BBC THREE/IAN DERRY

Little Britain has been eliminated from all UK streaming platforms due kommen sie concerns about the use von blackface von its two stars, david Walliams and Matt Lucas. Die comedy map out show, which first aired in 2003 on bbc Three, has been gotten rid of from Netflix, BritBox and BBC iPlayer – with die pair’s follow up, come Fly v Me, deshalb taken down von Netflix for the same reason.

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Little britain has lang been the subject des controversy zum material including its “I’m a lady” sketches, where die pair don women’s clothes and facial hair, the depiction des “portly thailändischen bride” Ting Tong – played by Lucas – und Desiree DeVere, a schwarze farbe woman played über Walliams bei full blackface.


David Walliams, right, together Desiree DeVere in Little Britain, alongside matt Lucas, left, und Rob Brydon. Photograph: BBCThe nur has kommen sie under fire again newly amid renewed focus on issues of race und representation, punkt a time when black Lives matter protests are taking place across the globe.

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The bbq confirmed kommen sie the daily Mail, who first reported ns story, that the nur has to be taken down as “times have changed”. “There’s a last of historic programming accessible on bbq iPlayer, i m sorry we routinely review,” said a spokesperson for the broadcaster. “Times oase changed since wenig Britain zuerst aired dafür it is not currently easily accessible on bbq iPlayer.”

Lucas, set to be the neu host von Great british Bake off on Channel 4, has previously express regret around some von the characters bei the show. In a 2017 interview with the Big Issue, he claimed it was “lazy” kommen sie “get a laugh just über playing schwarze farbe characters”.

“If i could go back und do little Britain again, i wouldn’t do those jokes around transvestites. I wouldn’t play schwarze farbe characters,” that said. “Basically, ich wouldn’t do that nur now. It would certainly upset people. We made a much more cruel kind of comedy 보다 I’d execute now.”

The pair most recently revived the show, which started on radio in 2000, zum a short appearance on die BBC’s big Night In. They so did a radio special in 2019. However, Walliams agreed with his co-creator, the while little Britain might return again, the has kommen sie move with ns times, saying he would “definitely execute it differently” now.

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BritBox, the streaming service which is a collaboration bolzen the BBC und ITV, echoed the bbc statement, saying: “Times oase changed since little Britain zuerst aired, dafür it ist not currently obtainable on BritBox. Kommen sie Fly v Me has notfall been obtainable on ns service zum six months.”

A spokesperson for Netflix told the Guardian that ns streaming gigantic had “no comment but tun können confirm the we gotten rid of both title on Friday tonnage week”.

The move comes after comedian Leigh Francis last week issued bei apology zum playing schwarze farbe celebrities, including michael Jackson, Trisha Goddard und Craig David, on his sketch nur Bo Selecta. Francis, better known together Keith Lemon, claimed he had actually “done a lot of talking und learning” .“Back an 2002 i did a nur called Bo’ Selecta, ich portrayed many black people,” he said. “Back then i didn’t think anything around it, civilization didn’t say anything, I’m not going to blame other world … ich didn’t realise just how offensive it was back then.”